Weekend Question Open Thread

Well, most of you are probably enjoying a long holiday weekend, where good food was eaten,  so that inspires the question.

What did you eat for Thanksgiving dinner? And how are you spending your weekend?

And with food, descriptives, even pics, are appreciated! I love to live vicariously. :D




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Me? well, i had to work on the holiday as well as...

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the day after, and i have to work Sunday, so it really isn't a holiday weekend for me. sigh...

but i had some turkey of course, some ham, and lots of green bean casserole, one really yummy pecan yams and one ok yams with pineapple (i'm no fan of pineapple), some most awesome corn pudding type stuff, mash taters and gravy, stuffing, and for dessert, cookies and cream pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pralines, and chocolate cake.

keep in mind, not all in one night. but it was tasty. :D


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I spent Thanksgiving with

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a friend and her family. They live near the ocean.


There are burrow owl nests in their neighborhood.


The day after Thanksgiving, we went to the beach.



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One VOTS regular -- who shall remain nameless -- posted a picture of cake on my facebook page to make me jealous!

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I used to have those big dinners, but not anymore.

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People move, families change, working on holidays pretty much screws it up lately.

Years ago my uncle's wife died, and he started taking over cooking holiday dinners for his grown family.  He lives across the country from me.  He tells great stories in his own way, and he told the story of his planning the meal, shopping, finding places to store his groceries, then slicing, dicing, mixing, prepping the food to cook, then watching over it as it cooked took him like 10 hours. 

And he said it took his family like 10 minutes to eat it.

Then another two hours clean-up time.

He wonders in his great story-telling way whether it's worth it or not ;)

I guess you had to be there ;)


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Indeed it was. Not many people at the theater :D

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Daniel Day Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones were great. It was especiallly gratifying seeing Thaddius Stevens in action because you don't hear enough about him and Tommy lee Jones played him brilliantly.


Thanks, poligirl! :-)


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