Time to Get Fricking Real

Shit.  Pardon the swear word but then again what is a swear word anyway but another fucking human thing.

Like war.  A fucking human thing. 

I say that because of what I see today.  It’s a resigned use of the word shit.  Like when you get diagnosed for cancer.  Shit.  Or when you realize your car is going to crash head on with a tractor trailer on a snowy road.  Shit.

I was just reading an article on the incredibly shrinking Daily Kos website by Representative Barbara Lee, titled, “Time to End the War in Afghanistan”.


Now come on man, if you don’t see that and either say “shit” like I did, or “no shit” like Sherlock Holmes would, then I don’t know what to say to ya.

Time to end the war in Afghanistan.  One of the most progressive, liberal political reps we have, someone who has been consistently against the Empire’s wars, is asking again that people sign a petition or otherwise help in ending the war in Afghanistan.  The longest official war in United States history, a war many of us have been calling for an end to since it started.

But hey, 45 other Representatives have signed up with her!  45 out of what, 435.  Ya baby, that’s over 10%.  The war is over eleven years old and we now have momentum!

Wait, I know.  This is all a joke right?  Like the Twilight Zone? 

No it isn’t.  You see, truth is stranger than fiction.  We’ve all heard that and it’s true.  There isn’t anything people can think up that hasn't happened, is happening, or won’t happen.  If George Orwell were alive today he’d be the first to admit it.  In fact, the first thing he’d probably say when seeing this country now would be, “Shit!”.

Afghanistan was the war criminal Bush’s war, the war because of 9/11, the war because of Osama bin Laden who denied he did it.  The war perpetuated by keeping bin Laden, who most probably died in December 2001, alive through fake CIA video tapes culminating in his fake Hollywood assassination and burial at sea now being played in theaters near you.  

The war that Cheney admitted was for oil.  Cheney the energy guy and Bush the oil guy.  The war that Obama escalated and now owns lock, stock and empty oil barrel. 

I don’t know, it just seems so weird and tragic.  There is no challenge to what’s happening.  Nothing.  No antiwar movement.  The Occupy movement, bless their hearts, want to focus on ground up activities like helping cops avoid foreclosure on their homes.  The world takes all kinds I guess. 

Hey, by the way, another US/Western imperialist/capitalist genocide drive is underway in the Congo.  Last time it was over 5 million dead. 

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to 80 percent of the world’s cobalt, an extremely precious mineral needed to construct many modern technologies, including weaponry, cell phones, and computers. The DRC is possibly the most mineral/resource rich country in the world — overflowing with everything from diamonds to oil — though its people are among the world’s poorest, due to generations of corporate plunder of its wealth.

Imagine fucking that. 

Don't you know, that it's true, that for me, and for you, the world is a ghetto..

WAR ~ The World Is A Ghetto






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I fixed your video

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I hope you don't mind and preach it my brother.

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Appreciate that L.

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It was too late last night for me to figure it out. 


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We should have listened to Barbara Lee in 2001

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She had the foresight I didn't have of course I was young(21) and naive though i woke up in time to oppose the Iraq war despite my father disagreeing with me.

I don't think Occupy helping with foreclosures is necessary what is taking away the antiwar movement because they are helping soldiers who are thrown away like trash once they get home, many who are antiwar as well as cops. In fact being antiwar is the one thing that unites the Paulbot factions with the anti-capitalists, progressives, and everyone else. Occupy Our Homes had a righteous presence at NN12 and interrupted the sellout NY AG Eric Schneiderman's BS keynote speech.

IMO the attention should be paid to the fake antiwar Democrats who only opposed Bush conducting these wars, not the wars themselves as well as the civil liberties they didn't care about as well. They are pro Obama taking away civil liberties and indefinitely detaining people, but anti-Bush or Republicans doing it, because Democrats with no principles part of the cult of personality are the more effective evil.

But this is quite a righteous antiwar post despite my different takes on some things and a righteous video. I give you kudos, Big Al. War is a racket as Smedley Butler said.

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Thanks priceman.

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I appreciate what Occupy is doing and will do.  I do remember before it started however and how during the preparations, ending the Afghanistan war was THE keynote issue.  Then it changed.  Hopefully antiwar can regain it's rightful place among the left at some point.  Maybe before WWIII would be nice.

The others we can forget about for the next four years.  They simply won't get on board the Peace Train when their idol Obama sits the throne.  

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Some high ranking military people

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and high level politicians thought it was a good idea to increase troop levels and then have a surge on top of that.

Some of us thought it was a bad idea . But there were huge sums of  money to be made by the favored and well-connected.

I recall the periodic diaries at orange about killing this second in charge and that second in charge and boasting of success. In reality we were only making more enemies and creating a quagmire, bringing misery to the people of Afghanistan and casting blood and money down a rathole.

No lessons have been learned. I don't see this ending well. It's sad. It's disgusting.

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Yep, disgusting. And criminal, insane, etc.

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No lessons learned not only from the policy makers but also the people.  Don't they remember Vietnam?  Somehow people always think it's different this time, but it's not.

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Ben Masel

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Yes, Amen to that. I miss Ben Masel.

The linked diary was one of several I had written on this topic from the same perspective. The first one was written prior to Obama being nominated as the Democratic Party candidate for the presidency. At that time he was already supporting further intervention in Afghanistan.

It is time to turn the page. When I am President, we will wage the war
that has to be won, with a comprehensive strategy with five elements:
getting out of Iraq and on to the right battlefield in Afghanistan and
Pakistan; developing the capabilities and partnerships we need to take
out the terrorists and the world's most deadly weapons; engaging the
world to dry up support for terror and extremism; restoring our values;
and securing a more resilient homeland.

This was linked to the Obama '08 website. The link no longer refers to this quote.

"The right battlefield" ... uh huh. I wonder who his advisers and mentors were/are.

Actually it's not difficult to guess.


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