Chronic Tonic at VOTS- Relax~

I thought that tonight I would focus on something pleasant. Most of us have something we do to relax, a hobby or pastime that we find eases our stress or feeds our souls in some way. Me? I like to read, I play a few facebook games, Cleetus and I tag team a couple of crossword puzzles every day and when my hands are working, I like to doodle.



I've always liked to dabble in some kind of art and I've always been a doodler, but sometime last year I got myself some micron pens and paper and started working on some more elaborate pieces.


Now, I'm not a master or anything, but when I'm finished it makes me pretty happy.  My hands don't always cooperate, so I have more ideas for pieces than I have work to show for it.


I throw out many more than I finish and I have about six abandoned partial sketches that seemed like a good idea when I started them. This one was almost abandoned, it's a salvage and it turned out to be one of my favorites.



I took a break for a little while, but I'm working on a piece now and I hope to be inking by the weekend. It's slow going on this piece because I have more of a picture going on in it, but I'm happy with it so far. Damn the shaky hands, screw the shooting nerve pain--full speed ahead.

So, what do you do to relax?





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ah, they really are, though.

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I wanted to be a real 'fine arts artist when I was young, go to school and all. Then, later after my good factory job went the way of the dinosaur, I had a stall at a crafts mall selling stuff i made, some of it hand painted by me, but once I got really sick I couldn't keep up with it. Then I didn't do much for a long time. But my husband encouraged me to take another crack at it.

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I love these

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I can't see them without imagining a piece of pueblo pottery.  There is something soothing about being able to look into a piece at different levels, almost like fractals.  I love these.

My main activity for relaxing is listening to music, with reading a close second, although these days I don't allow myself to read for pleasure as often as I could.  Also crosswords and I always have some comedy going in my life--this month we're streaming Louie.  Oh, and film, of course, although I wouldn't exactly classify that as relaxing.

Those are really good.  Would also make a good tee shirt.  I suppose it would take a master artist to tattoo one, but that would make one awesome tattoo.  If you don't find tattoos cheap, disgusting, and a deep regret time bomb.

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I don't even think about that, that is an absolute necessity. I can't get through without comedy.

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Gorgeous works of art

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Far beyond a "mere" doodle, triv. As my mother the retired artist and art teacher might say, you have a keen eye for composition and a "good hand". Love your stuff!

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