Chronic Tonic at VOTS-So Tired~

Hello friends. I hope this week finds you well. This week finds me so very tired. For the past, oh- five or six nights, I have been suffering the most hideous bouts of insomnia evah! Aided and abetted by my Dad, who has, in his infinite wisdom, tweaked the heat so that it pours into two of the upstairs bedrooms that share a register (ours and theirs) to prevent Mom from becoming chilly. The result? I don't know if Mom appreciates it or has even noticed, but aside from my sleeplessness, I now feel as though I have a decent understanding of what it must feel like to be a self-basting turkey.

So, I have been walking around semi-dazed, I'm losing words mid-sentence, hell, I'm not only losing my train of thought--I do not remember boarding that train. Yesterday I believe I drank my instant breakfast one scoop shy of a full meal. I'm not sure, mind you, the directions say four scoops, I know I had at least three in there when...oh no, was that three or four? I don't want an extra one in there! Just drink it! There. Did that taste funny? Maybe, maybe it did. I can't tell.

Do you want to know when I can sleep? Ten minutes before anything I'm watching on teevee is over, I can fall asleep then, oh yes! Only to awaken 40 minutes or so into the next show saying what the hell happened? Shit. Now, let me see if there's some history or documentary that will lull me back to sleep on this damn television. Is there? No, damn it. All righty, CSI: NY it is! This looks interesting, yes. Oh, I think it's the dude with the...zzzzzzzzzzz. ARGH! I"m on fire! I think I have malaria! What the hell just happened??? Oh. Shit. Was is the dude? I will never know.

Tuesday morning, time to get ready for school. Come on boys, Mommy wants to do your hair, it's sticking up all over the place, just hand me that spray bottle if you will. Oh, was that your face? Sorry! Heh~

Anybody else ever have trouble sleeping?


The Beatles - I'm So Tired (2009 Stereo Remaster)





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I always put on something I've seen before that has

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no commericals that WILL GET LOUD.  Because if I put on something I haven't seen and it might be good, then I get interested in it and keep popping my head up to see what happened.

A lot of times I put on netcasts of tech shows.  That can put me back to sleep for sure.


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