Sunday February 3, 2013: Up With Chris Hayes Tweets

I'm going to go ahead and start posting these in diary form here. They may be the only contribution I can give in the future so might as well start this series. They seem to be popular enough. And now Chuck Hagel and the "recovery" and bad January economic report all around on #Uppers.















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I do love

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watching you educate them on the weekends man.

There are so many good exchanges during @uppers and not just from you but from other smart people as well it makes it worth it just to get UP

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Thanks, man

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Indeed. Evene the people who disagree with me and are more bullish on the President respect me in thse exchanges. Weird.

And lots of smart people.

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just curious to your thoughts on the partitioning of Iraq

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what are your thoughts on the partitioning of Iraq?  It's not really discussed much these days but I'm curious to your opinion. I always thought it was the best idea. It's not like Iraq is a 1000 year old country. Kurdistan is practically a country to itself. I remember people acting like Biden was insane when he discussed this a few years back. Makes sense to me.

Course, before the Iraq war actually started I thought about buying several copies of the B-52s album Mesopotamia and send them to some of the various idiots pushing the war. Doug Feith definitely needed should have taken  Fred Schneider's sage advice; Before I Talk, I Should Read A Book!  

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