Some a lighter vein

I've got a larger piece I'm working on for tomorrow, so I'm taking the easy road today and just sharing some videos.

BuzzFeed gives us I'm trans, but...:

Comedian Lewis Hancox talks transguy sex:

What if trans people said the same stuff cis people do?

Sami Thuahnai did a PSA: Trans 101 for deaf people:


I wanted to do a PSA video for deaf transgender women out there to address several recurrent issues and questions that come up in the cisgender community when it comes to dealing with deaf transgender women so that cisgender deaf people can learn some things from this video. I don't speak for deaf trans men specifically in this video as some of their experiences are especially different than deaf trans women, but some of my statements do allude to the deaf transgender community in general as we are brothers and sisters in our struggles and paths.I will be covering actual physical transition, hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery in a future episode as those topics are whole different issues to delve into but also frequently asked about by the cisgender deaf community, which is beyond the broad scope of this episode. So keep tuned for that one, too! Many thanks to my bestie, Wade Phillips, for assisting in producing this video! Comments appreciated, but keep them respectful!

Posted by Sami Thuahnai on Saturday, July 26, 2014





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