Favorite Songs: Protest Edition

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Howdy howdy howdy everybody! Yessir, it's Tuesday evening so you know what time it is! Yes, thank gawd - it's time to leave all the bad news and politics behind and escape into our favorite tunes instead!

Well, between the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, the teacher strike in Chicago, and Mittens insulting the poorer half the country, I figured it's probably a good week for this topic.

The theme tonight is protest songs. Now they can be your traditional protest songs, or songs you hear at protests, or songs that signify issues that are reasons for protests, or even the outcomes we wish for during protests.

So what are your favorite protest songs?

Come down below for a few of mine!

Also, one quick note: In an effort to try to cut the upload time, if you can remember, when you go to embed in the comments, you can change the size to a smaller one, like 350 width. Maybe this will help. If it doesn't, back to the drawing board. And no worries if you don't want to or don't remember - no big! :D

Which Side Are You On?:

The Man In Black:


We Can't Make It Here:

Rockin' in the Free World:

And one more in the first comment!




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