Favorite Songs: Body Position Edition

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Well hellooooo there everyone! It's Tuesday night, so you know it - it's that time again! Time to leave the bad news and politics behind and instead jam to some of our favorite songs!

I have no real inspiration for this topic, save for it's something we haven't done before...

Tonight's theme is songs about body positions. They can be about stationary positions like sitting and laying down, or they can be about moving positions like walking, running, dancing, etc... Ad of course, they can contain any related terms and can be off of albums containing a term in the title or by artists with a term in their name.

So are what your favorite songs about body positions?

Come down below for some of mine!

Also, one quick note: In an effort to try to cut the upload time, if you can remember, when you go to embed in the comments, you can change the size to a smaller one, like 350 width. Maybe this will help. If it doesn't, back to the drawing board. And no worries if you don't want to or don't remember - no big! :D

Stand and Deliver:

Running With the Devil:

Alive and Kicking:

Walk On:

Catch My Fall:

And one more in the first comment!




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Learning to fly...

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...but I ain't got wings
And coming down
Is the hardest thing.

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