Election Results: Victories and Defeats Open Thread: UPDATED 2X North Dakota Senate Flips From Red to Blue

What a night.  I stayed up far too late last night and now I'm running on fumes.  Staying up past midnight and getting up at 4:30 is definitely a young man's game.  However, I am mostly satisified with the news from last night.  I want to set aside the presidential race for a moment and focus on the State races.  There was a lot of good news coming out of the State races.  Here are just a few of the reasons I'm happy today:

Florida: Allen West lost.  West gives unhinged a whole new meaning and I'm sure he will soon be hosting his very own lunatic radio show.  But for now, lets rejoice in his defeat.

Illinois: Joe Walsh lost.  Maybe Walsh can team up with West to start some tea party AM Radio show - The Morning Zoo With Wacky Walsh & West. 

Massachusetts: Scott Brown lost.  Elizabeth Warren reclaimed Ted Kennedy's senate seat, and hopefully, will be a much needed progressive voice in the U.S. Senate.

Indiana: Richard Mourdock lost.  I'm not necessarily enthusiastic about Joe Donnelly, who is now Indiana's newest senator.  However, I see his victory more as a voter repudiation of the ignorance fomented by the tea party, rather than as an endorsement of Joe Donnelly.

Connecticut: Linda McMahon is 96 million dollars poorer as she lost her second senate race in three years.  Chris Murphy won easily in a race that gave me hope that money simply cannot buy elections.

Ohio: Sherrod Brown won.  The State of Ohio told Josh Mandel to shut up and Sherrod Brown, the U.S. Senate's most progressive voice was re-elected.

Maine: Same Sex Marriage passes.  The nation's attitude on this issue is finally evolving.

Maryland: Same Sex Marriage passes.  See a trend?

Washington: Same Sex Marriage passes.  Oh, I do, I do see a trend!  Marijuana decriminalization passes. 

Colorado: Marijuana decriminalization passes.  Is the nation's attitude on marijuana finally evolving?

California: The initiative to require that all food containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) be labeled as such, was soundly defeated.  I'm wildly disappointed in this outcome.  This was a very important initiative that I believe is needed on a National basis.

Latest Update

North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp is being projected as the winner of the Senate race in North Dakota.  With 93% of the vote calculated she has a 3,000 vote lead over Republican Rick Berg.  This is a surprising pickup for the Democratic party. 

Ok, I admit to being sleepy and I am sure that I missed a lot of important victories and losses.  What are you celebrating or mourning today?




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this election is history, some good news last night

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I believe that we are seeing the beginning of a trend for the decriminalization of marijuana and the acceptance of same sex marriage.  Both are long overdue.  The social issues are no longer under the ownership of the conservatives.  The demographics are now firmly working against them.

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Mostly meh.

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There is no possible outcome of the presidential race that could have made me happy.  We're just taking the hell in a handbasket local instead of the express.  

I guess it's nice that so many allegedly progressive people won in their respective states.  Alan Grayson apparently won, which is nice.  But my prediction is that they will all show up in January and rubber-stamp everything Obama does, including the Grand Bargain.  Everyone might as well bend over and kiss their Social Security and Medicare goodbye right now because they are on their way out.  I'm really looking forward to retiring on hope and platitudes because I'll have nothing else to retire on.  Yay.

I am glad that the marriage equality and marijuana measures passed in my home state of Washington.  I am particularly pleased about the marriage equality referendum in light of the amount of out of state money that was spent trying to defeat it.

I'm told that the only state in which Jill Stein got more than 1% of the vote was Maine.  That saddens me a lot.  I think about all those people who stayed home and I think about how different last night might have been if they had gone to the polls and voted third party.  I saw a FB post from someone last night who defended her decision to not vote at all by saying that she was "protesting" - and then she went on to say this:  "If you vote, then you have no right to complain".  That was pretty depressing.  

Those who voted for the status quo - by which I mean, everyone who voted Democrat and everyone who voted Republican - need to complain.  They really do.  Particularly Obama supporters.  When they see what's coming in the next year or two, they need to complain vociferously.  

But I predict that they won't.  I predict that the gutting of Social Security and Medicare will be okay with them, because it's Jesus H. Obama doing the gutting.  Drone warfare will be okay with them, because it's Jesus H. Obama doing the killing.  The loss of their civil liberties will be okay with them because it's Jesus H. Obama taking them away.  The lemmings will gladly follow their hero right off the cliff, and not even notice that they're falling until they are splattered on the rocks below.  And that final "oh shit" moment, a nanosecond before they hit, will be too late.  For them, and for all of us.

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Crazy eyes squeaked out a win, but the same-sex marriage ban was defeated. The homophobes lost ALL FOUR FIGHTS!

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also voter photo ID in Minnesota

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Not only did we in Minnesota vote down the anti-same-sex state constitutional amendment, we voted down the photo ID for voting amendment, which was actually more surprising -- it had looked to be a lock to pass (according to polls) just a couple months ago.

Klobuchar returns to the Senate to help in the Grand Betrayal of the safety net.  No surprise there.

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Welcome to VOTS! Good news on the voter ID defeat.

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I had not heard of Minnesota's voter ID proposal.  I'm glad it was defeated.  Voter ID laws are nothing more than voter suppression laws.  Great news that it was defeated.  I believe that you are correct abd that  the Grand Bargain will now be proposed.  Now is the time for progressives to agitate against any cuts in the safety net.  Good to see you at VOTS. 

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hey tom! welcome to VOTS!...

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and glad the voter ID amendment got canned...  sorry to hear that Bachmann kept her job, albeit barely...

anyway, welcome to VOTS - look forward to seeing you around!  :D

and stay warm - Minnesota is freeeeeezing!  :D

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That's great!

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Andrew Cohen argues here that voter suppression is turning out to cause the GOP more harm than good.

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This election on the presidential level was boring+predictable

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I am happy about marijuana decriminalization in CO and Maine, Maryland, and Washington with same sex marriage passing.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Alan Grayson(he went to bat for auditing the Fed when the WH did not like that at all) and Elizabeth Warren winning(she needs to prove she can go against this administration).

I'm happy Sherrod Brown won who also went against this administration with Ted Kaufman and tried to cap bank size to 10% of GDP which would have broken the banks up. he introduced the safe banking act again and hopefully some Democrats will fight for it.

Filibuster reform is where it's at right away at the start of Congress; the only time they can do it with 51 votes. When they shoot that down, expect nothing to get done.

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Grayson's winning

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was my pleasant election night surprise. Think he'll quit phoning us with his robo money hustling now that he's' back? I got a lot  calls from Alan Grayson on the landline.   I missed him as he's a great progressive  grand stander and not a weenie liberal. I really like the progressive direction CO went this election. He has always for me invalidated the CW that only blue dogs can win in states that are in  Republican territory CO went pretty damn liberal. David Sirota has a great piece about this at Solon. Annie Kuster in NH  was another race I was following, she squeaked out a victory, despite the Democratic deficit hawks.


Progressives win big in Colorado



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