Pissed Off Pakistani Drone Victims

Many on the left leading up to the election were reporting their inability to vote for President Obama for moral reasons, one of them being the illegal and immoral drone wars being conducted by Obama in many countries on the planet.  Drones are the new cash cow for the Military Industrial Complex and proliferating at an insane pace.  Half the countries on earth have drones with at least 76 countries owner-operators of armed drones.  Drones are locusts.  They are the locusts.

I didn't vote for Obama and that was one of my reasons.  I hope the victimized Pakistanis of the imperialist global war on everyone else and those in other countries know that there are some of us that won't put up with this shit any longer.

I can understand the following emotions but surely can't understand the pain.

Obama Victory Infuriates Pakistani Drone Victims

The roars celebrating the re-election of U.S. President Barack Obama on television give Mohammad Rehman Khan a searing headache, as years of grief and anger come rushing back.

The 28-year-old Pakistani accuses the president of robbing him of his father, three brothers and a nephew, all killed in a U.S. drone aircraft attack a month after Obama first took office.

"The same person who attacked my home has gotten re-elected," he told Reuters in the capital, Islamabad, where he fled after the attack on his village in South Waziristan, one of several ethnic Pashtun tribal areas on the Afghan border.

"Since yesterday, the pressure on my brain has increased. I remember all of the pain again."

We all remember when we declared war on Pakistan right?

Drone strikes are highly unpopular among many Pakistanis, who consider them a violation of sovereignty that cause unacceptable civilian casualties.

"Whenever he has a chance, Obama will bite Muslims like a snake. Look at how many people he has killed with drone attacks," said Haji Abdul Jabar, whose 23-year-old son was killed in such a bombing.

I'm sure many Pakistanis are now saying, "Not four more years of this shit".  But they knew anyway, it's the same realization many of us are feeling now only with a threat of getting your ass blown up at any minute.

As officially reported:

Since 2004, a total of 337 U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan have killed between 1,908 and 3,225 people.

Over One million killed in Iraq.  Tens of thousands in Afghanistan.  Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Lebanon.  How many people is the United States of America going to kill on it's Crusade?

Round and round it goes and where it stops nobody knows.  In fact, this appears impossible to stop.  The only thing I can think of that would negate the proliferation of drones, and the use of them for killing humans, is something that is even more insidious.  I don't want to think about that right now.  






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Obama or Romney, the Pakistanis were not going to get

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relief from drone strikes. 

There's a reason it wasn't a topic of discussion in the campaigns.

That said, Obama is now forever responsible for the attacks which occur/occurred under his presidency. And I can't imagine what it must feel like to have this man celebrated and re-elected if you've been surviving the nightmare of his attacks on your people.

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No they weren't, and I'm sure knew that.

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Maybe it would be like watching a murderer go free and friends and family members cheering the verdict.  At least to them. 

The war on terror is the reason.  As long as that goes on, the drones will kill.  How it can end is an amazingly difficult conundrum.

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I think there was at least a 90% chance...

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.... that Romney would continue Obama's evil. Or maybe more... maybe 99%. But the point is, we can't know for CERTAIN that Romney was gonna do evil. With Obama, there's no guessing.

But yeah, talk about the celebration. That's when it hit me election night. Up to that point, as it became clear he was gonna win, I had managed to stay pretty unemotional. Whoever won, won... I couldn't decide if it even mattered. But when the celebration started, and I saw all the shiny happy people dancing around, swaying back and forth, just LOVIN' LIFE.... well, at that moment I got this nauseous feeling. Very nearly got physically ill. And the murders Obama has committed was the reason for that. These people were celebrating... CELEBRATING the fact that we had just elected a WAR CRIMINAL to be our president for the next 4 years.

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I only saw a couple photos but got the drift.

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Maybe that's just the way it's always been but with the added ingredient of 21st century American idol worship sentimentalized by a black American president.  I just have to think this issue only affects certain types of people, aka, us, and for most even when you explain it to them they just can't fit it into their perspectives or don't want to.  

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Based on the October2011 website, which is I think the

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primary Occupy site, the top four issues they're tackling are

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Flush the TPP! - the TransPacific Partnership

Say no to Austerity

End student debt


Good causes to be sure, but as from the beginning of the Occupy movement, not alot of emphasis on ending militarism and the permanent war on the rest of the earth.



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in mpls

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Occupy has morphed into occupying foreclosed homes.  Dozens of people get arrested regularly, so e for "rioting" in which they riot by refusing to leave.  Rapper Brother Ali is a big partof the movement.  

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What has been done to these people...

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is absolutely horrible.  Not only do you have the survivors and the friends and family of drone victims in horrendous pain, but you have children afraid to go to school...or anywhere.  You have elder councils, or shuras....their version of local government....scared to meet to conduct village business and settle disputes.  You have families scared to bury their loved ones, for fear of a "follow-up strike".  In North Waziristan, you have whole communities of innocent, hard-working people cowering in their homes in fear, which means nothing works.  No electricity, because utility workers won't go out.  No phone or internet, for the same reason. Even cellphones are useless if you can't charge them.  Getting food to feed your family means a very real risk to your life, and that risk is doubled for every additional male travelling with you, so don't take your son or male relative to help.  Any group of men is a target.

Just imagine for a minute that this happened to an American town.  Imagine the school children cowering in their homes, afraid to go to the bus stop.  Imagine the effect on the economy if most of the adults refused to go to work for fear of death by drone.  Imagine a foreign nation slaughtering your loved ones, while you are helpless to do anything about it.  Imagine your own government shaking its fist in rage, while secretly approving of some such strikes and as unable as you to do anything to stop the others.

Want to know why people turn to terrorism?  THIS is why.

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