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CIA director David Petraeus has resigned from his post, admitting he had an extra-marital affair.

In a statement, Mr Petraeus said he had submitted his resignation to President Barack Obama, and that he had shown "extremely poor judgement".

He described his behaviour as "unacceptable" for the leader of the nation's main intelligence agency.


CIA director David Petraeus resigns over affair


President Barack Obama would not sign legislation that extends the current lower tax rates for the wealthiest Americans, the White House said on Friday.

Obama would veto extension of tax cuts for top earners


Despite lingering concerns over voter intimidation, the Supreme Court has decided it will review the Voting Rights Act, The Associated Press tweeted Friday afternoon.

The Supreme Court Is Going To Review A Major Part Of The Voting Rights Act


And those are just a few of the news items reported today.  What have you heard?



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CEO throws tantrum

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Citing what he perceives as an Obama administration “war on coal,” an Ohio coal mining executive and prominent Republican donor responded to the results of the presidential election by laying off more than 150 workers.

Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Co., the largest privately held coal company in America, blamed the layoffs on President Obama --  and, by extension, the voters who elected him -- in a memo to employees.


Coal executive explains layoffs with prayer lamenting Romney loss

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Feinstein said she respects Obama’s decision to accept the Petraeus resignation, but wishes he hadn’t.

She also said Petraeus will not need to testify at hearings she is chairing next week into the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack.

CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair

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That's Wonkette's take on it.

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Biographer Lady Revealed to be Petraeus Mistress, Linchpin of Behngazi Cover-Up Probably


Everybody’s all scandalized over theresignation of CIA director and retired Army General David Petraeus, who rather conveniently had to resign because of an affair one week before he had to testify about Benghazi, just sayin’, we should probably impeach the president.


But! Slate has uncovered the alleged Other Woman, which lends it a bit more credibility? She is not an Elizabeth Warren aide, as our friends keep yelling at us, but is, as Fred Kaplan writes pretty definitively, Paula Broadwell, who wrote this year’s (rather … friendly) biography of Petraeus. Turns out the thing should have had a picture of Fabio on the cover.


The timetable of the affair is still unclear — Broadwell was in Afghanistan with him a few years ago, doing “research” for her dirty book, which would be, like, whoa. But it is also possible that he found out yesterday that he was scheduled to testify about Libya and ran out his front door frantically looking to get himself into an affair, immediately, last night.

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Kerry for Secretary of State? NO, says Harry Reid.

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has told the White House that he will be “furious” if he loses Kerry from the Senate, to leave the Massachusetts Democratic Senate seat facing Republican Scott Brown with millions of dollars in the bank left over from his unsuccessful Senate race against Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

Hey, Harry, how does it feel when you want something not to happen that may very well happen?

LIke when Jan Brewer was elevated after Obama picked Napolitano?

Could Reid keep Kerry from becoming secretary of state

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Ah, so it was the "biographer."

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Like anyone really cares.

The woman with whom Gen. David Petraeus was having an affair is Paula Broadwell, the author of a recent hagiographic book about him, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus. [...]

Sources tell me that President Obama, who has been getting along with Petraeus very well in the past couple years, agonized for 24 hours over the letter of resignation before accepting it. The move no doubt ends the career of the most famous, and perhaps most strategically astute, American military commander in decades.

Petraeus Resigns Over Affair With Biographer

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