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Obama meets with Cambodia's longtime 'strongman'

President Barack Obama arrived in Cambodia on Monday having just won four more years in office, but that is nothing compared to his host, Hun Sen. The 60-year-old Cambodian prime minister has held power since Ronald Reagan was in the White House, and says he’s not stepping down until he is 90.

Hun Sen is known as one of Asia’s most Machiavellian politicians, with a knack for making sure his rivals end up in jail or in exile. A laudatory biography is subtitled ‘‘Strongman of Cambodia,’’ and some would say that’s putting it mildly.

Through his country’s civil wars, a U.N. peace process and several elections, the one-time communist cadre has always managed to come out on top. Over the last decade, he has also overseen modest economic growth and stability in a country plagued by desperate poverty and nearly destroyed by the Khmer Rouge’s ‘‘killing fields.’’

Rwanda-backed DRC rebels in streets of Goma

Scores of heavily armed rebels were walking through the city unchallenged as United Nations peacekeepers watched and small groups of residents greeted them, Reuters reported.

"The town of Goma fell at 11:33 local time, despite the attack helicopters, despite the heavy weapons, the FARDC [Congo army] has let the town fall into our hands," M23 spokesman Colonel Vianney Kazarama said by telephone.

Congolese army commanders denied claims by rebels from the M23 movement that they had seized the city’s airport, a vital lifeline for business and aid flights that stands directly opposite the United Nations headquarters.

Pakistani court ACQUITS Christian girl with learning difficulties who was accused of burning the Koran

A Christian girl accused of blasphemy over the burning of the Koran has been acquitted by a Pakistani court, her lawyer said.

Rimsha Masih, 11, faced the death penalty after being arrested in Islamabad in August when her neighbour Mohammed Khalid Chishti, a Muslim cleric, accused her of desecrating the holy book.

The cleric was later accused of 'framing' Masih by fabricating evidence in a case that went to the highest levels of the Pakistani government and sparked international outrage at the country's strict blasphemy laws.

Indiana home explosion investigated as homicide

The house explosion that killed two people and destroyed several homes in an Indianapolis neighborhood is now being investigated as a homicide, authorities said, though no suspects have been named.

Indianapolis Homeland Security Director Gary Coons announced the criminal investigation Monday evening, shortly after a funeral was held for the husband and wife who had lived next door to the house where investigators believe the blast occurred.

"We are turning this into a criminal homicide investigation," Coons said after meeting with residents, the first public acknowledgement by investigators of a possible criminal element to the Nov. 10 explosion.

Well somebody is going to make some money off the foreclosure crisis....

Investors rush in to rent out foreclosures

The foreclosed home on Kenmore Street in Aurora was an outdated, unkempt eyesore until crews arrived this fall, performing thousands of dollars of work to make it attractive and modern, inside and out.

But it wasn't until workers walked across the street to ask for some water that neighbors Mario Cervantes and Oralia Balderas-Cervantes learned that a corporation, not a consumer, had bought the house, intending to turn it into a rental property. Despite being landlords themselves, the couple aren't sure they like the idea.

"If it's going to be a company that is watching out for the community, yes," Cervantes said. "If it's going to be a company that is watching out for themselves, no."

San Francisco may ban public nudity (with exceptions, of course)

A year after passing an ordinance to gently regulate al fresco nudity — requiring that naturists place something between their seats and public seating — city officials are scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether to ban public nakedness outright.

Well, almost outright. This being San Francisco, there are exceptions:

Study: Unemployment may raise risk of heart attack

People who are jobless at some point during their lifetime because they were laid off, fired or quit may be at an increased risk of having a heart attack after age 50, finds a study out Monday.

In fact, the chances of a heart attack associated with multiple job losses may be on par with the risks people face from factors such as smoking, hypertension and diabetes, says the study's lead author, Matthew Dupre, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke University.

The researchers say they don't know from the data if the job losses were because people were fired, laid off, had seasonal jobs or voluntarily left their jobs. "We believe the greatest risk for heart attacks would come from having been fired or laid off -- in other words involuntary job loss," says Linda George, a professor of sociology at Duke and an author on the study.

Nothing to see hear. Move along, move along.

Greenhouse gases hit record high

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a new record high in 2011, the World Meteorological Organization has said.

In its annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin released on Tuesday, the organisation said that carbon dioxide levels reached 391 parts per million in 2011.

The report estimates that carbon dioxide accounts for 85% of the "radiative forcing" that leads to global temperature rises.

Best. SportsCenter. Interview. Ever.

Stop what you are doing and watch Brad Keselowski ‘buzzed’ on ‘SportsCenter’




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