Weekend Question Open Thread

Well, it's the holiday season, so I figured this question is a good one.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season and why?

There are a ton of things, from decorating, to time off, to the end of it for those who don't like it, etc...

If you have more than one, that's cool - share it all!  :D




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My favorite parts of the season are...

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seeing the decorations - it makes me feel festive - jovial even, and the time off. i work a lot, and if Christmas and New Years fall on a weekday, i actually get them off. so this year, yay, i have a holiday!  :D

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Heh, I'm a scrooge.

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I used to love this time of year, but as the years go by, circumstances changed, I'm looking forward to the beginning of January.

Sorry, but I am.  There were so many, many things I used to love about this time of year, but not anymore.  Granted, I get a twinge here and there for this and that, but it's fleeting.

January 2nd is hump day for me... picking up the pace towards spring and summer ;)



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I like Christmas lights and cold weather.

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Right now the weather feels disgusting to me and not like the holiday season at all. OH well. Maybe I'll break out my Christmas Story Lamp anyways. :P

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I used to enjoy those days when the streets were snow-covered

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but I've noticed that over the years that happens less and less and hasn't since 2010, I think. This is the warmest it's been in all 6,000 years of the Earth's history and I have no idea why it might be.

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yeah, i know what you mean... i have no...

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earthly idea why it could be so warm nowadays... sigh... stupid pols and lobbyists...

and i didn't have a white Christmas til my folks moved to Idaho and i'd go visit them then... white Christamases are pretty awesome!  :D

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My favorite thing...

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is going home to see my family. There really is no place like home.

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