Most Interesting Thing You've Read This Past Week

Howdy! Welcome to the our weekly open thread on interesting reads! This is where to post links to those great things that made you say "Ah!" when you read them, so the rest of us can read them too!

So what is the most interesting thing you've read in the past week?

It can be anything - a book, a news article, a blog post, a recipe, a cartoon, anything goes...

And please - if there's a link, link it; if it's a recipe post it. :D





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I saw the headlines about feeding the pooties, but

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I couldn't dare click on it.  I do the same.  My heart breaks for every homeless animal and homeless human beings.

Moving on, whether it's GoDaddy (yuck) or Google or someplace else, YES, YES, YES, two-step verification is vital and necessary.  But if you have a throwaway email account, big deal.  But if you have information that's near and dear to you that you don't want hacked or want to lose, YES, YES, two-step verification.  Get right on it NOW. ;)



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This was good

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Tomgram: Lewis Lapham, Drugs and the National Security State

Omar Khayyam, twelfth-century Persian mathematician and astronomer, drinks wine “because it is my solace,” allowing him to “divorce absolutely reason and religion.” Martin Luther, early father of the Protestant Reformation, in 1530 exhorts the faithful to “drink, and right freely,” because it is the devil who tells them not to. “One must always do what Satan forbids. What other cause do you think that I have for drinking so much strong drink, talking so freely, and making merry so often, except that I wish to mock and harass the devil who is wont to mock and harass me.”

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That cat story is terrible

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Dumbass fear mognering about cats as if cats force you to get near them if you're pregnant assuming it's true. Just don't change the litter when pregant. terrible that she was evicted for doing the right thing.

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