Weekend Question Open Thread

Well, I guess this will be an attempt to have a discussion. And as long as everyone is respectful, we should be able to have it. :D

What do you think, if anything, should be done in the wake of the Connecticut massacre?

What was the cause? Are there answers? Is it more guns, mental health, or our culture?

How do you feel in the aftermath?




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well, people who go on these sprees...

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it comes to light that they had some mental health issues and most of the time were not currently being treated. most folks mentally healthy, whether normal or through treatment, are not going to go on shooting sprees, even if they have easy access to guns. so yeah, i'd say it's definitely related.

and gun control limits still wouldn't have stopped this shooter from shooting; it would have prevented that magnitude, but shouldn't we strive to stop the shooting entirely, not just the massive ones?

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I think Rep. Rush Holt, one of many, said it best:

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"We can't just keep saying, 'Our hearts ache for the victims and their families.'  We have to bring gun violence under control.

"Of course we are all horrified by today's violence in Connecticut.   Such tragedies are always senseless, but it is especially sickening to see gunfire turned against children in a place of learning.

"Yet it is not enough to feel sickened.  In the aftermath of these horrific events, there will, as always, be those who will warn us against 'politicizing' this tragedy by discussing gun safety.  These claims are ideologically motivated, and they are profoundly wrong.

"When, after a hurricane strikes, we advocate for funding to mitigate future floods, that is not 'politicizing' a tragedy.  When, after a terrorist attack, we advocate for better measures to prevent future deaths, that is not 'politicizing' a tragedy.  The notion that gun violence is somehow different - that it deserves unique immunity from serious conversation in our political dialogue - is nonsensical.

"Policymakers have an obligation to respond to problems by finding solutions.  The solution to gun violence is, in part, to address gun safety.  Arguments that deny this fact strike me as illogical or blindly ideological."

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yeah, we definitely need stronger controls...

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and enforcement of the ones that are on the books. and all of the loopholes should be plugged. and we certainly don't need high volume magazines. we need to have some gun control in this country. as i see it now, we don't much of any.

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Shoot several bullets per second

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That would exclude the AR-15 and other semi-auto assault weapon lookalikes which fire one round per pull of the trigger.

The spec. firing rate for an AR-15 is 45 rounds per minute, less than one round per second.

As far as I know real assault weapons, those that can be operated in the full-auto mode where one pull of the trigger fires multiple rounds, are not available, except perhaps with a special permit, to the general public.



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I agree with E.J Dionne

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Lax Laws Lead To Deaths, Thanks To Gun Lobby

And why shouldn't we make it harder for such a person to buy the instruments of slaughter online? Regulations, it is said, just won't work. Bad people will get guns somehow. But if that were true, why did the assault weapons ban work? If regulation is futile, why do we bother to regulate safety in so many other ways?

We manage to prevent needless deaths through rules on refrigerators, automobiles and children's toys, yet politics blocks us from keeping up to date on the regulation of firearms, whose very purpose is to kill.

We're told that no laws will end all human tragedies.
That's true. And if the standard for a useful law is that it must put an end to all tragedies and solve all problems, there is no point in passing any laws at all.

Read More At IBD: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-on-the-left/072512-619707-lax-l...

Whether or not this could have been prevented, there should be less rounds in a magazine and better enforcement. I also think austerity has something to do with this and the recent spike because states are broke, everyone is desperate, mental health comes into play second hand, there needs to be stronger gun laws, no family should have guns that teach their autistic son how to shoot. I also think it's pathetic that we can intrude so much into other peoples lives with this war on terror to "keep people safe," but we can't monitor schools for people busting through the window with handguns that can shoot several bullets a second killing teachers and children. All these things mix together for one concoction of violence. 

And where was John Wayne? Where were the cowboys lookng to save the day? Probably at home watching westerns playing cowboy in their head like they were a little boy. Certainly someone lived near the school that held these views. Why didn't he ride on his horse and save the day? because it's a dangeorus fantasy. Only a brave teacher saved the children with her life. 

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yeah, heard that fantasy more than a few...

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times on facebook lately - that more guns is the answer. ummmm.... no.

when i'm being shot at i certainly don't want to have to worry about crossfire while trying to get to safety.

and it's a big fat fantasy that anyone, when surprised by a shooter, will have the calm, cool control and composure needed to get their gun out and aim at the right person to shoot. this supposedly happening while mayhem is going on around them. that is totally a John Wayne bullshit fantasy.


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