Party On The Square- When Rock Was Young

Tonight at the Party we're going to go way back to when rock was young.  For me that covers two decades or better, YMMV~

Jailhouse Rock

Jail House Rock -- Elvis


Hard Headed Woman

Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman


Johnny B Goode

Chuck Berry - Johnny B Good Lyrics


Jim Dandy

Jim Dandy---Lavern Baker



Del Shannon-Runaway (1961)


My Boyfriend's Back

THE ANGELS My Boyfriend's Back [original single version]


What are your favorite tunes from when rock was young? I have so many more it isn't even funny and I'm gonna post 'em down in the comments, won't you join me?





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Rock's coming of age was when...

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Dylan went electric?

The Beatles took acid and put our "Revolver"?

The Mothers of Invention put out "Freak Out"?

or even earlier?


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One of those vivid memories.

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The radio is playing at my grandparents' house (no tv yet), and a song comes on.  I was about 10.  I perk up; "What is this," I think.  Not an endorsement of the song, but this is the first time I had contact with anything approaching rock 'n roll:


Where The Boys Are (Best Quality)

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