It's Raining Again

Lately it has definitely been the typical Louisiana winter. Every few days we get the rains, it rains just often enough that the ground has become saturated to the point that you wonder "will it ever dry out again". I read about the drought affecting large swaths of the nation and how it is affecting not only the production of our "breadbasket" but the farmers and families themselves. One of the funniest moments that I remember over the last few years was while watching the weather on a local channel a friend (not from here) heard the report of annual rainfall. I think it was approximately 3 feet this friend was shocked and asked "did they just report that in feet?". I had never considered the fact that might be odd to people that didn't grow up here, but I guess it is. Ok I know this was a long way to get there but I just read this and thought I would share...

2012 Saw 362 All-Time Record High Temperatures In U.S. But Zero All-Time Record Lows

Describing how off the charts our weather has become gets harder and harder. Fortunately, we have wunderground historian Christopher Burton to put things in perspective.


He tallies the datafro:m NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in his recap of “the warmest calendar year on record for the continental U.S. according to  NCDC data going back to 1895″


Creedence Clearwater Revival: Who'll Stop The Rain






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Yup, sure do have something for you to read:

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Tomgram: Bill McKibben, Time Is Not on Our Side


Introductory paragraph by Tom:

When it came to climate change in 2012, the operative word was “hot” (with “record” a close second).  The continental U.S. broiled.  Drought struck with a passion and, as the year ended, showed no sign of going away any time soon.  Water levels on the Mississippi River fell so perilously low as to threaten traffic and business on one of the nation’s busier arteries.  Meanwhile, it’s estimated that record greenhouse gas emissions were pumped into the atmosphere.  And just in case you were thinking of putting those words “hot” and “record” away for a while, the first predictions for 2013 suggest that, drearily enough, they are once again likely to be much in use.  None of us should really be surprised by any of this, since the ill effects of pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere have for years been outrunning the predictions of sober climate scientists.

Followed by this:

Obama Versus Physics

Why Climate Change Won’t Wait for the President

By Bill McKibben

Change usually happens very slowly, even once all the serious people have decided there’s a problem. That’s because, in a country as big as the United States, public opinion moves in slow currents.  Since change by definition requires going up against powerful established interests, it can take decades for those currents to erode the foundations of our special-interest fortresses.

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Thank you Glinda

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I had missed that one definitely worth the read. Depressing when you consider the fact that even the military consider Climate Change a national security issue. When will we learn.

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