Campaign Against Whistleblowers

Jesselyn Radack, John Kiriakou's Lawyer, Slams Obama's Treatment Of Whistleblowers

Jesselyn Radack, a lawyer for soon-to-be-jailed former CIA officer John Kiriakou, came on HuffPost Live Monday to discuss her client's plea deal and upcoming sentencing, and his overall treatment by the Obama administration.

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Unfortunately for clarity in public debate . . .

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. . . these issues are somewhat subtle.  For example, the following statement from Radack stands out.  She is responding to the charge that her client revealed the identies of undercover agents:

A person is not properly under cover if you put them under cover for the purpose of committing illegal acts like rendition, torture, waterboarding.

Here is another exchange:

Radack:  Legally, this was a selective and vindictive prosecution, given all of the people who have engaged in so-called authorized leaks and even unauthorized leaks, including sources and methods, who have not been prosecuted. . . .  All of the people Obama has prosecuted under the Espionage Act have been whistleblowers in the security and intelligence arenas who have blown the whistle on things of monumental importance to the public interest.


Hill:  Are you saying that President Obama is mounting a campaign to punish whistleblowers, anyone who blew a whistle on torture?

Radack:  Yes, yes, that is exactly what's happening.


Hill:  Is there any evidence that the President has any intention of mounting a campaign to silence and punish journalists?


Radack:  . . . In all of these indictments of whistleblowers, journalists are found in every single one of them.  In other words, journalists are witnesses. . . .

Radack states the she campaigned for Obama on the basis of his first-term campaign statements that the rights of whistleblowers need to be protected.  She then points out that during his second-term campaign, he bragged about his campaign against whistleblowers.  What will it take for more people who care about these issues to understand that they were taken in by this president?

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So disgusting.

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This guy goes to jail for sharing the name of a torturer while Scooter Libby goes completely free.

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two sets of laws

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one set for those who must be kept in place, another for the keepers. And that set for those in control is pretty much "no law".

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