Thursday Morning Comedy Break- Open Thread

Because sometimes I need a good laugh.


Louis CK - Hilarious - Part 9 - My 7-Year-Old Is Better Than Me

How about you?




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We really are a divided nation

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Thanks, triv.  My new favorite comic.

I'm struggling with an existential question:  how many thoroughly documented examples would a person need to publish in order for people to notice that President Obama is doing exactly the opposite of what he said he would do when he ran the first time?  How many direct and overt betrayals are needed?  Does it really work for people, to take one horrible example, that Obama says he won't tolerate drone strikes that kill civilians, then waits 24 hours for a review, then lies and saysdrone strikes don't kill civilians and start doing them again just the same as Bush did?  You would think that might work with Louie's 7-year-old, but full grown adults?  Really?  That makes Obama a liberal and a humanitarian?  How many of those strung together would it take for people to be convinced?

Other than that, it's a beautiful day here.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (3 votes)