How About That Lanny Breuer? Open Thread

So, I hear Lanny Breaur is resigning over the interview that aired on Frontline on Tuesday night. I didn't see it. Did he really come off as bad as all that? From the transcript:


The public thinks Wall Street’s getting a pass.

I understand that the world is upset. And I’m upset. I get it. I work with career government people. They’re my friends, and they’re my colleagues. They have lost their 401(k)s. My own family has lost their 401(k)s. I get it and understand it.

We are holding people to account, but in holding them to account, it cannot always be a criminal case. And in the same way that our 94 U.S. attorneys around the country, or state AGs around the country, or district attorneys around the country are looking at these matters, they cannot always bring a criminal case. When they can, they do. And when they can’t, there are other responses. And those other responses have to be regulatory, civil and legislative reform.

Well, yeah, it reads bad. Let's take a look, shall we?


Nathan Thurm 1984 - Martin Short - Saturday Night Live 15th Anniversary Special clip - 60 minutes


I'm sure he just needs to spend more time with his family. Or at least those in his family who didn't lose their 401(k)s?




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we have to take into account how very busy his division was....



Aaron Swartz's Prosecutors Employ Outrageous Bullying Tactics as Standard Operating Procedure



It takes some fine calculating to winnow out the small fry who may have, oh say, less drug crime on their property than Motel 6, but are far easier pickings for being able to fight back against those darn zero-tolerance forfeiture laws~

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Late Good Morning.

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I can't wait to read more about this and watch the Frontline Show.


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It's not me, it's him, right?

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Inspired video.  I wish I could still laugh at this stuff.  

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The crooks and fraudsters are just

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too sophisticated to prosecute, so sophisticated that what they did was not fraud, not criminal  because everyone knows sophisticated accountants and lawyer and financial institutions are not criminals just sophisticated savvy businessmen.   

 'Very sophisticated lawyers on Wall Street

the very sophisticated accountants,

sophistication of banks and financial institutions

 sophisticated lawyers, and another sophisticated entity, another financial institution,

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Heh. He's more accurate than he realizes--sophistry

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Take a look at the OED on "sophistication"


1. Mixed with some foreign substance; adulterated; not pure or genuine.


2 a. Altered from, deprived of, primitive simplicity or naturalness. Of a literary text: altered in the course of being copied or printed.

And sophistry:  ...Specious but fallacious reasoning; employment of arguments which are intentionally deceptive....

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Zero Hedge has a well written peice on Breuer

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by Tyler Durden

linked here


... ironically it is his departure which confirms that everything that could be wrong at the US department of INjustice, is wrong.

Because, with all due respect to this banker muppet, he is merely the tiniest cog in a broken down judicial system, which works (and we obviously use the term loosely) in conjunction with the legislative and executive branches, as well as that implied fourth branch - the Federal Reserve - to further just one thing: the interests of the bankster overclass, who ever since the financial crisis have benefited to the tune of some $5 trillion, or the full amount of incurred debt that future generations of Americans will be responsible for, and yet which benefit primarily the financial oligarch right here and right now.

Fixing the unprecedented level of corruption that has gripped America will not be done with the voluntary retirement of one person who should have done more, but kept his mouth shut (for whatever selfish reasons). The system, sadly, is so rotten to the core, that only a grand reset of every social and political institution will help.

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