Super Bowl Open Thread - Who Do You Want to See Win/Lose

As a Bears fan the most important aspect to this year's Super Bowl is that it will NOT include any team from Wisconsin. While I never harbored any hope that Chicago would be playing tomorrow, I did fear another appearance from Green Bay.  Ugh.  However, now I have no one to root for or against.  I do like Colin Kaepernick quite a bit so I'll probably be inclined to cheer for the 49ers. Thoughts?




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Pro Football.

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I would like to see Pro Football lose, please. :)

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Niners all the way! :D

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i am from California, the southern portion, but was not fond of the Rams and Raiders when they were in SoCal, and the Chargers never grew on me either. so i've been a Niner fan fo decades now... though i would consider the Saints my main team now...

Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, the Genius, what a great history, so let's keep it coming. been a looooooong time since we've been to the big game...  :D

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Well, the taxpayers have already lost.

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I'm still not able to find out what the cost of security will be and who will pay it.

From what I can tell, the U.S. taxpayers will be paying the hundreds of millions, if not billion, of dollars to secure as best they can the venue for tomorrow.


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the taxpayers have only lost if the economic benefits are less

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I understand your point of view, however, I don't see paying for the security in the same way I see taxpayer funded stadiums.  There have been numerous studies that have shown quite conclusively that  whether it is the Olympics or a local municipality, government supported sports infrastructure is rarely (if ever) successful.

However, that being the case, it does not necessairly follow that footing the bill for security results in a net loss for taxpayers.  Are there any economic benefits to the Super Bowl?  I have never researched the matter but I would suppose that there are in fact economic benefits.  Do they outweigh the cost of security?  If they don't, then you are correct that the taxpayers lose, if they do, then it would seem the taxpayers benefit.

However, I think what you meant to say was Niners!!!!!!!

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the pinochle playing lads from the University of Oregon

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so that's LaMichael James for the 49ers and Ed Dickson for the Ravens.

By the way, I'm so glad Baltimore chose the name "Ravens" instead of something modern-ish like The Baltimore Explosion. Still, I won't root for them just because they're from Baltimore and my very first championship game experience as a very young boy was that famous Colts-Giants overtime game. I was crushed. Now I get to dislike two teams. The Colts, who are in Indianapolis, and the Ravens, just because they're in Baltimore.

Which reminds me, I also dislike the Packers (because of 1961 and 1962) and the Bears (because of 1963).

When we lived in San Francisco it was easy to root for the Montana/Clark/Lott/Rice 49ers. Generally I'll root for SF or the NY Giants. This year it's SF but, as mentioned above, I hope Dickson has a good game.

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The fix is in. The refs will do their best to give the Ravens...

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every opportunity to win this game and, being the opportunists they are, they'll probably do it. In the Denver game, how many offensive holding calls were made against the Ravens?

Zero. Against the Broncos? At least five, and all that I can remember were late flags after the Broncos got a first down. 

Why? Well, got to give Ray Lewis the chance to ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl ring. And the Ravens are East Coast. And Vegas will make a bundle off it if they do win. 

Personally, I really don't care. I got sick of the Niners decades ago, and never liked the Ravens because they moved from Cleveland to Baltimore in the middle of the night after the voters of Cleveland refused to buy Art Modell a new sports palace. And I had never set foot in Ohio when that happened; neither was I a Browns fan. 

The Ravens are positively hated here in the Cleveland area. I guarantee you Niners fans you have lots of company in NE Ohio. Best of luck. 

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I don't like either team all that much, but I dislike the Ravens more, so I root for the 9ers.

Sort of reminds me how I feel about elections.


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