Weekend Question Open Thread

So it's Super Bowl weekend so I figured maybe some SB themed questions.

Do you watch the Super Bowl or attend a party/live in a household that does?

If so, what is the most important part of the Super Bowl this year to you? The food eaten, the commercials, the pregame and halftime shows, or the actual game?

If not, what will you be doing instead?

And what's up with you?




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I will be watching...

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and rooting for the Niners. as far as this year goes, i'm looking forward to the game and the commercials too. :D

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It's the food

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My mom loves football. We will be making Quesadillas and salsa with Tostitos scoops. I like the commercials and if it's a good game but you know I am not as into sports as I used to be.

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May I suggest a classic dip to go with those scoops?

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Spread one block of cream cheese on the bottom of an 8" x 8" pan, or a round cake pan, or whatever you got about that size.  Pour a can of chili over that.  I like the no-bean meat kind.  Nally's or Hormel.  Top that with shredded cheddar cheese, put in oven until all his melted and bubbly.


Let me tell you that is some good sheeehot.

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Oh baby, I'm there with you. My checks went down $40

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ea, which is $80 (or $120) a month, depending on how many Thursdays are in that month, which may not seem a lot to some people but for a single mom with an unemployed BF and no child support, it's a LOT.  It's like, shit, the electric bill you know?

BF has job interview Tuesday.  Keep fingers crossed, okay?

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I like betting in a block pool.

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Sometimes I get great numbers and lose, and other times I get crappy numbers and win.  Oh, well ;)

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i bet in a tshirt contest... not sure what bet i'm taking...

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this time - last year i bet the over/under.

i bet an old friend a tshirt. the loser buys the winner a unique tshirt from their area... it's actually a pretty fun bet...

good luck in your block pool!  :D

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