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The Pentagon Is Apparently Letting Redditors Pilot Drones

One operator who went by the initial "W" told Reddit users that shooting missiles from behind a computer screen didn't mean war was less real to them.

We understand that the lives we see in the screens are as real as our own. We are located in a combat zone. Although, we are not typical combat troops, so, for me to say that I can tell you the differences between how we feel and how an infantryman feels would be based on assumption that I would make of an infantryman's feelings. That would not be accurate or fair to those troops. From our perspective we are not worrying as much about our own personal harm. We are usually not within harms way. I would not compare what I do as a job comparable to Call of Duty/any other video game, in any sense. It is very real and the seriousness of the lives on the ground is very real and instilled in all of our training. It is never something that we joke about. Very serious business.

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Morning Triv

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I have already been to work and back. I made three pennies today!


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Looks like

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I'm working tomorrow ;) Can we get on a payment plan?

Morning youse

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This sounds like a pretty good PR campaign by the DoD.

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They won't directly say all this to the media, but... "if" supposedly a group of drone operators talk about it in social media, then the traditional media will pick up on it and report it.


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What I just read

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In thinking about the Hagel nomination hearings, here, to me, is the strangest thing – or perhaps I mean the one that tells me most about our new American world: that the position of the secretary of defense not on the U.S. military (a subject that hardly came up in the hearings), but on U.S. policy toward Iran, or Iraq, or Israel actually matters. Once upon a time, I’m quite sure, at such nomination hearings the position of the secdef on essential foreign policy issues wouldn’t have meant much at all. It certainly wouldn’t have been a national spectacle. In other words, it’s a measure of the way in which American foreign policy and the U.S. military have become increasingly synonymous. It tells us a great deal about the militarization of our
American world. Tom


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Yes, the DoD has taken over much of what used to be State,

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... and its been going on since WWII, but its accelerated in the past three decades, with the invention of the endless war on terror to replace the Soviets as an excuse to hand the Pentagon its tithe.

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Morning Bruce

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Ike had it right it seems.

You know what gets me? Ad I'm sure you as well is the trillions of dollars that have been dumped in this pit and all the while they talk of America wasting money.

Report: U.S. Muslim Terrorism Was Practically Nil in 2012

Try as al-Qaida might to encourage them, American Muslims still aren’t
committing acts of terrorism. Only 14 people out of a population of
millions were indicted for their involvement in violent terrorist plots
in 2012, a decline from 2011′s 21. The plots themselves hit the single
digits last year.

Wake up America as they say.



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Maybe for decades, but under W. Bush it increased a lot

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Allies were stunned when W's regime sent uniformed military to ask allies for help with construction projects and to discuss policy.  W started with that "I'll leave it up to the generals" and "We need to hear from the boots on the ground" meme.  Soon after Obama's first election, when it was clear that it would be business as usual in Afghanistan, I used to bring this up on dkos.  The Vichy left assured me that things were different under dear Barack Obama, that now the state department and other non-military personnel would be in control and that the teams moving in to help Afghanis gain the wonderful benefits we enjoy in this country--things like democracy and a highly functional public sector--would know what they were doing.  It was all bs, of course.

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