Most Interesting Thing You've Read This Past Week

Howdy! Welcome to the our weekly open thread on interesting reads! This is where to post links to those great things that made you say "Ah!" when you read them, so the rest of us can read them too!

So what is the most interesting thing you've read in the past week?

It can be anything - a book, a news article, a blog post, a recipe, a cartoon, anything goes...

And please - if there's a link, link it; if it's a recipe post it. :D





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I have a few... first the best thing i read...

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all week was this by Henry Giroux. it's excellent and if you haven't read it yet, do yourself the favor and read it now...

Has America Become an Authoritarian State?

then on a lighter note, here's one that i read that pissed me off this week as well as a few of the other posts written in response to it. well the first one riled me up, and apparently i was not alone...

Maybe You Are Ready For Kids, You're Just Not Paying Attention

and the apology:

Dear Internet: Sorry about that motherhood post

and a competing letter composed after the first one came out:

Motherhood isn’t the path to enlightenment for all women

and the apology from the main blog that posted the first one:

A Collective Letter To Janine Kovac And An Apology

i'm childless pretty much by choice and luck, but oh i do know a couple women who are just like that original author in all it's smugness. GAH!


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Glenn Greenwald

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Hands down. He wrote a very compelling defense of the Brooklyn College Political Science Department this week. More than any other writer, he is able to convince me that I'm actually wrong sometimes.

Just FYI, I deactivated my facebook account today in a fit of anger. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I definitely need a break from the Great Blue Satan.

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FSM, that's drastic.

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I'm sorry you felt that you needed to do that. That's awful. I hope you're feeling better. (Not awful that you deactivated FB, but that you felt that way.)

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Oh, I'm fine.

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And I was very productive once I got to the office today!

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how will we get ahold of you? I worry!

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I'll be around here.

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And I have my twitter account. I'll be back. I just need a break from facebook. It was infuriating me the last couple of weeks.

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okay. and you do know you can call me, right?

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yeah Greenwald is a great writer who makes...

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really reasoned arguments... and i saw that dustup going on over their sponsorship of the panel... everything is authoriotarian now; critical thinking is a dying art.

and damn - off the facebook for a while... let us know when you're back on it fi you decide to do so...  :o


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"Let's cap punitive damages."

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How about NOT?  No way in hell.  Let a jury decide.

$109 million personal-injury award in Western Pennsylvania offers insight into tort system


When Carrie Goretzka's two young girls ran out onto the porch of their  suburban home 30 miles east of Pittsburgh in the late afternoon on June 2, 2009, what they saw was a scene of unrelenting horror.


"Mommy, Mommy," yelled the oldest child, 4-year-old Chloe. "Mommy is on fire. Mommy is on fire."

If punitive damages were ever to be capped, then the bean counters would diligently be working to crunch the numbers, i.e., "If we provide a substandard service or product and X amount of people will be injured or killed, it will cost us X, but if we fix the problems, it will cost us less than X, no need to fix anything."

"I wish I could say that government is the best check on the free-enterprise system," Specter said, "but, unfortunately, it is not."

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Time Magazine, of all places! A drone article

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There's plenty in here that made my hair stand on end...figuratively!

Since President Obama took office, the U.S. has executed more than 300
covert drone attacks in Pakistan, a country with which we're not at war.

In 2012 Obama described the government's drone campaign as "a targeted,
focused effort at people who are on a list of active terrorists trying
to go in and harm Americans" that hasn't caused "a huge number of
civilian casualties." Whether this is accurate may depend on what the
word huge means to you.

but they're not just for over there.

But the drone industry is ramping up for a big landgrab the moment the
regulatory environment starts to relax. At last year's Association for
Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) trade show in Las Vegas,
more than 500 companies pitched drones for filming crowds and tornados
and surveying agricultural fields, power lines, coalfields, construction
sites, gas spills and archaeological digs.

naturally when they're flying over the U.S. regularly there will be accidents as they come crashing down. About 20% apparently just give up and fall out of the sky. I do like this warning:

The moral ambiguity of covert drone strikes will clarify itself very
quickly if another country claims the right under international law to
strike its enemies in the U.S. There may come a day when the U.S.
bitterly regrets the precedents it has set.

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