Party On The Square- Traveling Edition

Hey, Partiers! Well, Valentines is over and I am sick of love so let's move on and do some traveling tunes~

No Particular Place To Go

Chuck Berry ........ No Particular Place To Go


Six Days On The Road

Steve Earle - Six Days On The Road - Planes, Trains & Automobiles Tribute


Leaving On A Jet Plane

Peter, Paul and Mary - Leaving on a Jet Plane.


Traveling Prayer

Billy Joel-Travelin' Prayer-Lyrics


Interstate Love Song

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song (Video)


So, what are your favorite traveling tunes, Partiers? It can be where, how, when-- I do not care. As always, I'm going to play more of my picks down in the comments, won't you join me?

*To post a YouTube:  Just copy that single line share code and come on back here and see that last icon up there on the right? That's the "add media" widget. Click that. You'll get a pop-up box where you want to choose the "web" option. Now paste that code into the box and click  submit, save, submit. There ya go, your video should appear in the comment box~






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