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Well, I did my taxes this week, yay. And recently, I was unfriended on Facebook by an old friend who got irritated cuz i said that those who purposefully do not pay their taxes - not meaning those that just don't file cuz they're lazy or scared, but those that purposefully do not pay cuz they believe taxes are illegal or they are against them or they selfishly want to keep it all - well, I said that yeah, I would count that as doing something criminal cuz they are benefiting from the taxes we all pay. Now I don't expect to be backed on this here, so no worries - that ain't the question, just part of the inspiration.

So, have y'all filed your taxes yet for the year? Do you do them yourself or use software or a third party? What are your thoughts on taxes? Too high/too low/just right?

And how are y'all doing?




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I filed mine this week...

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i used software. i used to be old school and do them myself by hand, but i got lazy.

i think we prob don't pay enough - or at least the upper incomes do not and the lower ones should not have the burden.

i think taxes are misspent in a lot of places and should be maximized for promoting the general welfare, and not promoting the folly of war and war like actions, and not giving welfare to profiatble corporations.

we need health care and infrastructure and better education and a host of things i'd rather see my tax dollars go to....

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Yeah, it's my fault he left too

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But fuck it; he is living a libertarian fantasy world and stealing from society while calling people statist who disagrees with him when he benefits from the same state. Hypocrisy.

But yeah we are number 24th on median wealth per capita in the modern industrial world and on safety nets that should be funded more and more progressively with progressive income taxes; partly but also with more democratic control of our money that is created and appropriated at the federal level that we don't have now at the Fed. Locally taxes fund more and should be collected more from higher income, estates, and the like for a better educational system that is being attacked by shock doctrine. Basically either through taxation or money creation the public and the working poor as well as the middle class deserve a higher standard of living and better infrastructure.

Anyway, sorry for that dude's departure from your friend list, but his attitude is selfish and unenlightened and he is looking for justification for his own selfishness.

That is if I am making sense at all. :-)

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not yer fault... he got mad at me...

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you and my sister were on the ball in that one. thanks for that... and no big loss... if ya can't debate in teh big leagues, don't hang on my wall, lol... ;)

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I think if you make under $450,000 a year, you shouldn't have

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to pay federal income taxes since we're all middle class or poor.

Just kidding ;)

There are millions of us who need lobbyists to get a fair shake, but alas, we can't afford to pay them.


As Obama Confronts Corporate Tax Reform, Past Lessons Suggest Lobbyists Will Fight For Loopholes

Starbucks had already mastered the art of doing business on multiple continents as it grew from a niche coffee retailer in Seattle into a global brand with thousands of outlets from Saudi Arabia to Peru. Now the company smelled a fresh opportunity that required a presence in mysterious territory with its own unique culture: Washington, D.C.


It was 2004 and Congress was considering a law that would provide substantial tax breaks to nearly any company engaged in manufacturing. Though this term conjured images of textile factories and steel mills, Starbucks argued that the definition of manufacturing should -- for purposes of calculating its tax bill -- be stretched to include the roasting of coffee beans.

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Yes, the problem is not that middle class taxes are too high ...

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... its that the level of middle class services are kept too low, as the government serves the one percent.

College costs too much as the upper administrators get skyrocketing pay rates "to attract people who could 'earn' more in the private sector" while a majority of people teaching college level classes live in poverty.

Health care costs too much as we deny people basic preventative care that would avoid the need to pay for expensive emergency care.

Transportation costs too much as we force motorists to cross subsidize truckers, carrying freight over thousands of miles which would be cheaper to move by long haul electric freight rail.

Energy costs too much since Congress did its best to outlaw feed in tariffs that would give windpower an assured rate during low demand period in return for cutting our electricity costs during peak demand periods.

We can all add to the list. Compared to "the good old days", taxes on the middle class are historically low. However, services for the middle class have been driven even lower.

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still does them by hand and yes, we have filed. No- most of the comfortable do not pay enough taxes and they whine like babies.

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yes they do whine like babies...

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they don't understand the long game either. once we have nothing left to give, there will be no more wealth for the upward redistribution... sigh....

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check out the IRS website

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I have never paid anyone to do my taxes. I've always done them myself. Go to the IRS website. Depending on your income level you can qualify for free e-filing. Even if you don't qualify for the free filing, you can do the form yourself, then transfer the information electronically at their site. I did my kids taxes about 2 weeks ago and their refunds came in yesterday. Never pay anyone to do your taxes unless you have a horse that competes in the Dresage in the Olympics.

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