Saturday March 16, 2013: Up with Chris Hayes Tweets

You might have heard that this will be the last few weeks that Chris Hayes will be hosting #Uppers. I am saddened by this, but I also have talked to a guest that would be up for the position if she were picked. That would be the most excellent UMKC MMT economist Stephanie Kelton or @deficitowl as she is known on twitter. She has a wide range of interests besides just economics where she is stalwart on economic and monetary reality not being heard in DC as they try to impoverish all with austerity.

So I am going to try to support her as the new host in these next few couple of weeks because she is great. Today the topic is about the Pope, the history of the clergy in Latin America, Bloomberg's soda ban and other things. And now on that front #Uppers.





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Thanks for the kind word, Glinda. It's funny. I will miss how I tweet one thing and someone says it 5 minutes later on the panel.

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