Saturday April 27, 2013: Up with Steve Kornacki

Today was about the Boston Bombing, but not all of it. It was also thankfully about the hunger strike in Guantanamo no one is paying attention to. That and the stupid Bush Library and Presidents' legacies in general now on #Uppers.

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It is good to see Guantanamo being discussed

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Here is another side bar to the Guantanamo issue.  In an essay describing horrendous prison conditions here in the US, much worse than I had even known, a mention was made that when the inmates suffering torture in the prison gulag heard that some were proposing to respect the humanity of the detainees by transferring them to federal prison, they found it hilarious.

Thanks for shining a light on this cause.

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Indeed, geomoo. I was glad to hear it.

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That is true, yet as bad as it is, those in federal prison at least have a court ruling to look to and if they are cleared they will most likely be able to leave.

However prison conditions, the drug war, and how we lock up more people than even in China is a conversation we are not ready for, but we are not adults in this country and we need to get over ourselves.

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