Bulletproof Backpacks for Children

     Did you know that there are actually companies that manufacture bulletproof backpacks for children?  I had no idea that there was a market for such an item.  In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, not only is there a market for bulletproof backpacks, the demand for these backpacks is soaring.   It only makes sense, right?  If my children were still attending school I suppose I would buy them such a backpack.  How has it come to this?

      As of today there are at least six different companies that offer bulletproof backpacks.  I anticipate that number to rise as the demand for these items will most likely increase.  These are not cheap.  I visited a few of the websites and found the prices ranging from 200 dollars to nearly 500 dollars.  One can also purchase specially designed inserts to place in your child’s backpack.  For the adult who is worried about workplace violence there are inserts that will fit under a clipboard, in a briefcase, a three ring binder or even in a business suit.  If none of these fit your needs then they will gladly manufacture a customized item to your specifications.  Safety is not cheap, though.  The prices range from 125 dollars for the clipboard inserts to nearly 1700 dollars for the business suit inserts.  Prominently displayed on one of the websites is a statement from the U.S. Department of Labor, dated July 2010 that says that workplace homicide is the number two cause of work related deaths in America. 

      So, the wealthier parents will be buying bulletproof backpacks for their children and everyone else will just pray for the safety of their children.  Where have we gone wrong?  Is this going to be a typical conversation in the future? 

“It’s your first day of school!  Are you excited?  Don’t forget your new backpack!  Look, it’s pink with flowers.  Oh, I know it’s heavy, I’m sorry, honey.  No, you can’t leave it home today; you have to take it every single day.  Now remember what I told you, if you hear firecrackers make sure you grab your backpack, ok?  Why?  Well, because I don’t want anyone hurting you and I love you so much, that’s why I bought you this special backpack.”

We love our kids.  We love our guns.  It’s time to decide which we love more.











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When we seriously consider

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sending our children to school in bullet-proof armor, we're doing something wrong.

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completely agree

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I understand why a parent would buy these for their children, but the fact that these exist is nothing more than an indictment of our society.

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I guess it's better than sending them to school with guns.

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Fuck this noise!

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I am now going to stomp my foot. It won't help anything, but I'll feel better.

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