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House to Be In Session Only 126 Days Next Year

Yes you read that right of the 261 weekdays this year your elected leaders will put their collective noses to the grindstone and work 49% of those weekdays. How about some debt reduction? Time to cut some spending? I have a good idea where to start.

Now you're probably doing some math and by now have figured out that if House members were paid only for the 126 days they are actually in session, their annual salary (based on $476.71 per day) would drop from $174,000 to $60,065, an annual savings of $113,935 per rank-and-file member. If the two arty leadership members are included, this would result in a total annual  savings of nearly $50 million.


But don't worry Eric Cantor explains (pdf)

"Part of our goal in scheduling the House is to ensure that we never lose touch with the constituents we each represent while completing our work in Washington," wrote Cantor. "Time spent in the district between Monday and Friday is essential for meeting with small businesses, employees, seniors, veterans, and other local communities during working hours. We will continue to accommodate Members with longer distances to travel home and provide at least one constituent work week each month, with the exception of June.


To make the most of our time in Washington, we will pretect each morning for commitees to conduct substantive work without nterruption and limit floor  votes to the afternoons, with the exception of appropriations work. Finally we will adjourn no later than 3:00 p.m. on the last day in session each week."

So let's all hold virtual hands and hope together that these "Peoples servants" don't strain themselves or pull a muscle with this grueling schedule.




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Good Morning

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Working is for plebians, but I reject that and say we should cut the Patrician's salary for this time off. $50 million is $50 million and while we're at it, let's get rid of the useless Senate. That will save a lot of money. The concept of minority rule in a plutocracy has to meet its end.

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One true thing Bill Clinton said

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I heard Clinton say that he felt one of the big problems with getting things done is how much energy they have to put into raising money.  He said he thought they were all severely sleep-deprived, and I believe it.  They're flying back and forth constantly between their districts and DC.  It's not about "staying in touch with the constituents" so much as "staying in touch with the contributors", which I guess is the same thing.  They are not fully to blame for this--it's a fubar system.  As long as money drives the system the way it does, this sort of thing will be the result.

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