Chuck Hagel? Who Cares?

There is a reason that the announcement of nominees were made at one press conference and not separately.


Not sure if any one else saw the press conference today or has paid attention to the coverage of the corporate media but they want you to think that Chuck Hagel is the issue. Hell John Brennan couldn't be he wasn't even there he sent a flunky to accept his it couldn't be controversial. After all he has bi-partisan support what could go wrong?

Well if you ignore the fact that he loves torture and is all about killing children with robots he's a perfect pick for this administration. Oh wait I got that wrong those are the qualities that qualify him to work in this administration, sorry for the confusion.

John Brennan, 'Kill List' Architect

The Associated Press is reporting Monday morning that Obama's top counterterrorism advisor, John Brennan—who has also been Obama's right hand man when it comes to governing the administration's program of extrajudicial assassinations known as the 'kill list'—will now be nominated to head the CIA


But hey he's a good guy why else would The President nominate him? I mean just listen to how much he cares...

With John Brennan, Obama doubles down on drone strikes

President Obama’s nomination Monday of John Brennan, the architect of his drone war, to head the CIA suggests the deadly but controversial counterterrorism approach will not just continue but perhaps even expand.

Mr. Brennan, a former CIA officer who has served as Mr. Obama’s counterterrorism adviser for four years, has overseen a broad expansion
of the use of drones to carry out targeted killings in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.



In fact, it was Brennan who first publicly acknowledged the Obama administration’s drone war, calling the strikes “legal, ethical, and wise” as a means of deterring terrorist attacks.

I would scream squirrel but at this point I think all I need to say





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Whatcha think

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Which one of these nominees is more offensive.


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You've got it wrong

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Turns out, the issue with Brennan is not that he is an architect of war crimes; it's that he may be involved in leaking information about war crimes, to the propaganda movie business and others, because the big problem in this country is that there is too much known about our war crimes:


Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is threatening to block John Brennan's nomination as CIA chief until the completion of federal and congressional investigations into unauthorized leaks of classified information by the White House.

I think this qualifies as a DOUBLE SQUIRREL!

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John Cornyn?

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Talk about wacky. Cornyn incarnates the term. Squirrely indeed. 

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qualifies as quality snark.  Minister of snark seal of approval.  



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As I said in Sartoris' post, and others said it, too,

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Brennan IS the most dangerous of these two nominees. 

What's very sad, though, is that a president that ostensibly ran under the Democratic platform would nominate a republican and someone who blatantly operates outside the law.

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Wasn't he a Bushie torturer

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who the Dems rejected then and operated behind the scene? Why don't they just stick Woo in this position. He's a good ol torturer. Bejeezuz this administration is falling out worse then I ever envisioned and believe me I'm a firm skeptic and totally cynical. WTF is the matter with people they vote for Obama to save them from teh evil and then we get the evil 2.0 why aren't these Nazi's gone? Can't the Third Way Dem's hustle up their own psychos' instead of recycling  the Bushies war criminals and hucksters?.Unbelievable as if Betrayous wasn't bad enough we get a real live torture wire.

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this brings up a point....

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I know this sounds crazy but I'm afraid I believe it. After all, I grew up reading HP Lovecraft.

If there is something called "evil" in this world it would think itself clever and disguise itself in a way that would fool many people into thinking it was not evil at all, but something close to absolute good. The Catholic Church, for example, would fit in that category. How else could an organization (or whatever it is) that claims to be following the teachings of a pretty decent philosophical know-it-all, who cared for the sick and the poor, accumulate riches and land and power while convincing "the flock" that it was all for a holy purpose?

Similarly, and now this will get weirder (sorry), the Nazis conned a country into thinking that all of Germany was divine, although Hitler was the most divine. And when they lost WWII the people responsible might have died but the evil lived on, looking for a landing spot.

Enter George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and terminology straight out of the Reich. "Homeland Security", "The Homeland". It's like evil came right in and didn't realize it was using Nazi talk. Naturally we could all tell that the Bush years were bad. "The Homeland".....Give me a break!

No, a new face had to be found. One that smiled. One that considered all possibilities and didn't make decisions lightly. One that could order bombing that killed thousands of children but would shed tears on camera for twenty that he wasn't responsible for. This is all theoretical, by the way. I'm not saying Obama himself is an evil Nazi or that he's aware that evil is working its way through him. I'm speculating what evil would do if it wanted to don a new disguise.

But certainly Obama is a better front than Bush. "Regretfully" is better than "Bring it on". And with that mask we see how easy it is to nominate Brennan and Hagel and make it seem like the President is a grand guy who is President of All the People (except those whose rhetoric he stole for the campaign).

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So, now my wife knows about it

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I guess Maddow got the word out.  She came in fuming.  "There's nothing we can do," she says, I fear accurately.

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Hagel supports tough sanctions on Iran

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as does the Obama Adminsitration and most of the power elite, ostensibly for their non-existant nuclear weapons program or perhaps because they, as Brookings puts it, undermine US interests in the region, or that Iran refuses to bow to US-Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

I believe the real intention is to make sure Iranian oil and gas remains in the ground. The Saudi oil fields that began production in the late 50's and early 60's will be nearing the ends of their productive lives in about a decade or less. With this the recycling of petro-dollars back through London banks and Wall Street will take a major hit.

We will attempt to reserve the potential wealth that is represented by Iran's resources and to do everything possible to make sure these resources are sold in USD when the situation suits our needs. Meanwhile the decreased Iranian oil and gas production due to the sanctions helps to shore up the price of oil and help our allies and friends, the royal monarchies of the Gulf states.

Follow the money and watch the propaganda. Greed and lust for power are the major motivators involved in this policy and hubris lubricates it all. Regime change remains the policy but it's judged to be much too risky at this time and history shows us just how well the other neocon grand plans for regime changes have played out.

Here's related link: Why Chuck Hagel is Irrelevant.

Off on a bit of a tangent here but this is somewhat related to your essay.

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Meanwhile, China is outmaneuvering these would-be kings

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Their idiot schemes and devotion to torture and all forms of violence, along with their penchant for befriending war lords, has ruined our standing in Central Asia.  China, without the drones and renditions, is paving the way for an overland route for oil from Iran.  Sorry, I don't have time right now to try to find where I was reading about that, but I'll look later today.

I fear that, despite their self-image as being hard-headed realists, they are primarily acting as muscle for China's brains.  In any case, the world they envision looks like hell to me.  So depressing.

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The atmoshere in here

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is so clear and breathable I guess it's all the reality and freedom of expression that's creating more oxygen.  Nothing can be done except politically speaking except to play it as it lays. Nothing will stop this slide into fascism (or what ever this is) from within the system, including the electoral process. Teh people in power  both parties and then some, have thrown so many spanners in the works of our system that it's totally dysfunctional by intent. Our government  practices such deflection via 'politic's'  that  it's hard for even a political junkie like myself  to see how there is any parliamentary way for people to address their grievances let alone get some kind of representation for their votes.

I am really having a hard time comprehending how any why people allowed this to occur. Right you can blame the media, the stupidity,  the regional culture clashes, pig ignorance or all the obvious often repeated reasons. Still how can this scenario be accepted ratified even? I really think it's down to fear.  FDR was right about that. We can squabble all day and night for years on end about our legislators latest screw Bill 832's worth or who is the biggest dickus in the government or the media or the pundirts or the evil others. Meanwhile the power has been ceded one way or another and now our dialog centers on the very politics that  the world and humanity needs gone.  This globalization only makes it harder.

I do know that people globally do have power.  We would not have progressed this far without flexing and using it. Sad to see concepts of humanity from Hammurabi, the Magna Carta and beyond being wiped out and erased, gone like they were never here . We rode down the slippery slope into the Dark Side. How in the hell can killing torture bombing aggressive wars and rampant pillaging, looting both here and globally be tolerated and worse ratified with our consent?

That vent felt good  and I have nothing else to contribute as I haven't the foggiest. Guess it will have to fall on it's own sword like the nasty romans did before anything can be done. I just hope that this time the dark ages don't last so long and that humanism and respect for life and nature return. Personally I hope the too big to fail fail and fail quickly.  My brain says override to the fear of those apocalyptic cliff and the rubble that will occur when too bigs fall. humanity and the planet seem to fair much better in smaller units and develop community out of necessity.

So there you go. Torturers be damned  past and present.  I am clueless about how people can or will withdraw  consent but one way or another they will globally. Nothing is inevitable.



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