Hellraisers Journal: Calumet WFM Women's Auxiliary #15 Planning Children's Christmas Eve Party

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Sunday December 20, 1903
From The Labor World: The Farmers' Educational and Co-operative Union of America



Emory, Texas, Dec. 17.-The farmers of Texas are being unionized at a rapid rate. There are today some 3,000 unions in Texas with a total membership of 40,000 or more. It began at Emory, Rains county, about ten months ago, under the name of the "Farmers' Educational and Co-operative Union of America," and is now established in nearly every populous county in the State. About the middle of February next a meeting will held for completing a State organization and it is believed that the movement will spread to other States, as the Farmers' Alliance, which organized in Texas, did a few years ago. The purpose of the union is to buy and sell in bulk, to educate along agricultural lines and to eschew politics, but to, nevertheless, discuss political economy. Several North Texas lodges during the past few days have made extensive purchases of supplies in carload and are greatly encouraged by these savings.

SOURCE The Labor World (Duluth, Minnesota)
-of Dec 19, 1903

Saturday December 20, 1913
Calumet, Michigan - Women's Auxiliary #15 Planning Children's Christmas Party

The Calumet Women's Auxiliary of the Western Federation of Miners will hold a Christmas party for the children of the strikers on Christmas Eve. The party will be held in the Italian Hall in Red Jacket. Annie Clemenc, president of #15, has taken the lead in planning for the event, and she has been energetic in raising money for gifts for the children. For many of the striker's children, these will be their only Christmas presents. The children will reportedly receive candy, hats, mittens, and even a few toys.

The children's party will begin at 2 p. m. There will be a party later in the evening for the adults.

The Calumet Women's Auxiliary was organize in September, and each member is a card-carrying member of the Western Federation of Miners, but, sadly a member without a vote. And yet these women make their voices heard, marching in the parades, facing the deputies, the Waddell men, the militiamen, and going to jail right along side their striking husbands, fathers, and brothers.

Annie Clemenc leading parade

Annie is well known for leading the daily early-morning parades with her massive American flag.

SOURCE Annie Clemenc
& the Great Keweenaw Copper Strike
-by Lyndon Comstock, 2013

Photo: Women in the Lead of Strikers Parade

Friday December 20, 2013
In memory of Mentatmark, may our Union Brother rest in peace:

Is that a red troublemakers t-shirt?
Exactly what we would expect him to be wearing.
He's got his fighting clothes on.

Memorial Diary by S Kitchen
Thank you, S Kitchen.

Mentatmark's Profile

Mentatmark's Last Comment
came straight from the struggle, as we would expect.
Thank you, bobswern.

More of Mentatmark's photos from Dec 5 McDonald's Protest

Mentatmark's Diaries
Esp check out the series: "Rednecks return to Blair Mountain."
Thank you, tardis10.

Hellraisers on the struggle of UE Local 506, & Mark's role in same.

Locomotive Builders Say, ‘Keep It Made in Erie!’
May 31, 2013 / Mark Haller

The Beautiful Photo is from navajo's diary about NorthWest Pennsylvania Meet-Up
Thank you, gizmo59.

All of these links came from the comments in S Kitchen's diary where a fine Daily Kos Memorial for Kossack Mentatmark was held.

We will carry on the struggle, Mentamark, and you will never be forgotten.

Our thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences go out to all of Mark's loved ones.

Union Man-Blue Highway

And when my life is over, don't mourn my passing long
Organize resistance and keep the Union strong
Here's to every miner who dared to take a stand
Who lived to feed his family and died a Union man
-Tim Stafford. Union Man /Daniel House Music





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