Every voice counts

When numbers were gathered in the National Trans Discrimination Survey in 2010 and the NTDS was published in 2011, we finally had some data to point toward when we brought up the subject of out ill-treatment. And people actually started to listen some.

As discouraging, heartbreaking, and disappointing as some of the numbers were to see, having this information was a game changer. The Survey has been the leading source for data on trans people, shaping advocacy, influencing media, and informing policymakers.

Because of the 2011 Survey, we finally had numbers to back up the reality of our experiences and communicate the urgency and importance of fighting for full trans equality.

We have been able to shape the narrative so that people could no longer ignore us, our agenda, or our movement. Soon, the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey will do the same. And we can’t get there without you.

--Sandy James, NCTE

Because of the study, our voices and stories were heard in a way they never were before.

Well that data is becoming a bit dated, so it's time to do it again...bigger and better. The National Center for Transgender Equality wants to outdo the 6400 participants in the NTDS with a sample of over 13000 this year.

In order to do that, the US Trans Survey is hoping to get 20,000 people to pledge to take the survey, which will become available on August 19th. You can make a post on twitter or facebook, you can write about it on your tumblr or other blog, you can even change your facebook cover photo. You can even host a meetup where you provide computers for people to take the survey. Whatever you do, just make sure that you spread this to as many trans people as you know.

--Mey, AutoStraddle



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You can sign up at US Trans Survey.

Please share widely.

There is another survey that has been launched by the Transgender Law Center, to "assess the needs and realities of transgender people living with HIV/AIDS", called Positively Trans (T+).


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