Another Trans woman of color...murdered

 photo Reecey_zpsntarqt1x.jpgReecey Walker, a 32 year-old transgender woman of color, was stabbed to death by a 16 year-old boy in Wichita on Sunday. The suspect is facing a charge of second-degree murder.

Police both dead-named and misgendered Walker, even though friends and family identified her as a transgender woman.

The suspect's family is alleging that Walker was attempting to sexually assault the teen. That's what happens when government officials paint us as sexual predators.

Sgt. Nikki Woodrow with the Wichita Police Department confirmed Walker’s death in a phone call with The Advocate. Woodrow also confirmed that Walker identified as a transgender woman who was known to friends and family as “Reecey,” and said the victim used male pronouns.

Asked if police were considering the possibility that Walker’s death was a hate crime, Woodrow said “absolutely not,” adding that there is no indication that the killing was motivated by bias.

That fact that she was stabbed multiple times apparently has no influence at all.

A woman who identified herself to KAKE as a friend of Walker's rejected the allegation that Walker had attempted to assault the teen, saying such a claim was "completely 100-percent out of character for Reece."

[She] wanted to get a degree in psychology or social work to try to become a counselor to help other people try to get through some of the same struggles [she] had been through.

--Victoria, a friend

Walker worked in the front office of the apartment complex in which she lived and was killed.

She said a lot of people at the apartment complex or even around Wichita were constantly harassing her and just messing with her including leaving stuff by her front door. When I left on Wednesday, she was super excited happy and hopping around and very, very positive. To wake up this morning and know that that was taken from her is the worst news I could have possibly got.


A GoFundMe page has been set up to help defray funeral expenses.

Reese, "like the candy", as she introduced herself, was a loving, playful spirit who only wanted the best for others. She would have given her last piece of bread to make sure someone else was not hungry.

This is the fourteenth transwoman murdered this year...all women of color.




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