A Republican thing, not a southern thing

It's easy to come to the conclusion that attacking transgender people is a "southern thing," but that's not true. It's a Republican thing...a Daddy Party thing.

In real life situations, transgender kids most often find more support from their mothers than they do from their fathers. Fathers tend to have real problems with gender concepts.

In Warwick Rhode Island, transgender girl at Pilgrim High School who has been attacked on social media by a former Republican candidate for mayor because the school administration is allowing her to use facilities which accord with her gender identity.

Stacia Huyler is an administrator for the Facebook page Warwick Watch, "a community allegedly designed to be a ‘watchdog’ for the Warwick, Rhode Island community."

In reality the page is well known throughout the Warwick area as a conspiracy theory page that costs the city hundreds of dollars per year in unnecessary open records requests often left unclaimed.

--Tim Peacock, Peacock Panache

On April 30, Huyler posted

Warwick Watch is being informed that a transgender male student is being allowed access to the girls locker room at Pilgrim High School. We are also being told that it has made some female students uncomfortable and the female students are being told to change in the nurses office as an alternative to the girls locker room.

Is this true?

Has any policy been discussed, voted on and implemented in any Warwick school that allows transgender male students to use the girls restrooms or locker rooms?

Can we get any female students to share more information about this here in the comment section of this post or private message the page please with more information??

She also shared Ashlynn Cameron's name as the student in question with the entire community.

I don’t know how I make these girls uncomfortable when I change in the bathroom stall, which have doors, and I mind my own business!! What is so wrong with my rights as a transgender teen/person.


Warwick WATCH responded misrepresenting Ashlynn several times, trying to claim that transgender individuals have a mental disease that should be treated with therapy and repeatedly trying to discredit Ashlynn’s gender, calling her male and asserting her biological identity is her only one.

Many students from Pilgrim began posting their own support on Ashlynn’s Facebook as well. Current and past students from Pilgrim admitted that they have never been uncomfortable and have no problem sharing a changing room or bathroom with a transgender female. Similarly, Superintendent Philip Thornton said to date he has not received any complaints from parents or students to his office on the issue.

Huyler then began selectively deleting supportive comments and allowing hateful comments to stand.

While some comments referred to Cameron as “whatever it is”, others openly encouraged violence and harassment against her. While she claimed to delete the most ‘serious’ comments, Huyler left each and every transphobic comment up until the post was deleted while deleting all comments supporting Cameron or the trans community in general.

We are going to continue to follow the law because that’s what is best for our students.

--Superintendent Thornton

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conducted a national survey that found more than 75 percent of transgender youth feel unsafe at their schools, and 59 percent of transyouth are denied access to the proper restroom.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey, released in 2011 by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said that throughout New England 81 percent of transgender and non-gender conforming students experienced harassment while in school, 34 percent physical assault and 13 percent sexual violence. The organization is releasing their second survey later this year.

You’re picking on a minor…You realize that right? You have become a cyber bully.

--Angela Baker Bray

Ashlynn, what people are referring to is that policies that allow transgenders into women’s restrooms and locker rooms invites male sexual predators in as well. These men use the trans policies to their advantage, they dress up as women then commit crimes against women. It’s a safety issue. Has nothing to do with you personally. We asked the Question earlier if LGBTQ sex Ed should be taught in school as a sex Ed class. Do you think it should? Do you think there is a great lack of understanding and education regarding LGBTQ issues?

Contrary to what Huyler argues, trans-inclusive laws have never led to violence against women or children in bathrooms in many years they’ve been on the books in 17 states and over 200 localities. Everyone from law enforcement to victim advocacy groups confirms this. The only evidence that trans-inclusive laws lead to men entering bathrooms lives both in the wild and inappropriate imaginations of conservatives and in the actual instances where so-called Christian conservatives have begun following women into bathrooms or entering bathrooms to “test” the laws lacking any other proof.





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