The Inside-Out Strategy and the 2016 General Election

The Democratic party is one of the two alternative governing parties for a corporate commercial republic, which in the 80s bit the bullet and built and invited in membership for a corporate wing in order to continue to be allowed to compete to be the party of government.

They will go as low as they think they have to go to win office, and not go any higher than they think they have to go.

Indeed, I am guessing that this is why Senator Bernie Sanders did not flip his lid when the DNC leaks revealed how egregiously the DNC broke its own rules. As a long time independent, none of this seems like it would have been a surprise to him. I am thinking this baked in bias of the Democratic party establishment against progressive politics and progressive politicians was already baked into his response to falling short of a majority of pledged delegates in this repeatedly rigged and distorted series of primary contests.

The Inside-Out Strategy

The insider position of Corporate interests in the Democratic party is not a surprise to those who have been looking at the American politics with clear eyes for any extended period of time.

That is the basis for the inside-out strategy. Unless the Democratic party establishment is pushed from within and also challenge on the wide open left half of the political scale from without, they will push as far right as the ongoing rightward push of the Republican party gives them room to move.

Both need a lot of work, so whether people join the organizations to elect more progressive Democrats or join the Greens or other progressive third parties, there's plenty of work to be done.

The two ways that an inside-out strategy can succeed are by driving the Corporate wing out of the Democratic party and recruiting the progressive 3rd parties to form the new coalition, or by being driven out of the Democratic party by the Corporate Wing and joining with the progressive 3rd parties to form the new coalition. Either successful path seems to involve much the same mix of inside and outside organization building to me, so I don't invest much energy in worrying about which of the two is more likely to be the eventual path.

Keeping on keeping on

As far as myself, I will keep fighting for the establishment of a non-suicidal transportation system. I look forward to seeing you on the Sunday Train this coming sunday, and hopefully in many Sundays to comes, as I talk about a hopeful milestone in that fight ... a fight that seems to have been completely forgotten in the past two weeks of more or less successful corporate media positioning by the Tory and Whig wings of the Corporate Party.





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