Donald Trump and the Law of Unintended Consequences

It is going to be tempting to many on the left side of politics in the United States to see the Clinton / Trump contest as a put-up, a conspiracy to get a weak candidate of the Corporate Party elected based on how incredibly ... yes, seemingly implausibly bad ... the other candidate from the other Corporate Party seems to be.

But I don't see it that way. To me, this is the Law of Unintended Consequences of craven political games hitting us big time.

What I mean by that, under the fold.

Citizen's United was supposed to be a big win for Koch Brothers / US Chamber of Commerce type politics. Instead, it meant that every right wing politician with a couple of billionaires or enough millionaires willing to bankroll his campaign could stay in the race ... the need to get "fresh donors" after existing donors "maxed out" went out the window.

Combine that with the weakness on the stump of the candidates who have been hiding behind big money advantages fueling attack ads against their opponents ...

... and the brown shirt brigade that the Republican party has been cultivating as defense against realty, given the urgent necessity to not recognize the scientific consensus on climate change and the massive loss in wealth that implies for Big Oil ...

... and finally the cable TV decision, led by CNN, to cover Trump like they cover a missing airplane, which meant that Trump was not required to constantly ramp up his rhetoric to keep getting attention ...

... and we have perfect conditions for a self-promoting demagogue winning the Republican nomination.

Now that Trump is up against an uninspiring but reasonably competent opponent, who does not rely on votes from the brownshirt brigade to win the general election, and so is willing to attack him no matter what the reaction among the brownshirts may be, his prospects are not bright.

The important thing is to not get distracted by the shiny object. Having lost the fight on the Democratic side to the Whig wing of the Corporate party, the focus now turns down ballot. No matter how much the mess media says YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THIS FREEWAY PILEUP, the pile up is not occurring on the road that we need to be traveling right now, so paying an excessive amount of attention to it is another mess-media-inspired waste of time.





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