In the wee hours of Saturday morning...

It happened in Cookeville, TN, which is situated along I-40 east of Nashville. A transgender woman named Elle and her 3 year-old son were inside their home at 3: 30 am when Elle heard a noise outside. she looked out her door "and saw the door to her 2006 Harley Davidson edition F-150 pickup truck [was] open."

Thinking she'd forgotten to lock or close the door, Elle shut the door and went back inside.

About 30 minutes later, she said she heard a horn honk and looked outside to see her truck engulfed in flames.

Most of (the paint) got burned off, but one of the police officers pointed out that it said 'Trump' on the hood and the back.

It just breaks my heart every time I walk past the driveway.

Elle said she had no idea who would have done this, but then she is a disabled Army veteran who suffers from traumatic brain injury and PTSD, suffered while on tour in Iraq in 2004. She served 8 years in the Army before being medically retired.

While she said she hasn't experienced any discrimination in Cookeville since she came out two years ago, traveling outside of the city has proven dangerous.

I’ve been in altercations out of town because I’m transgender. The last altercation was there (in Crossville) when a man took a swing at me in a bathroom.

I’m just trying to live my life. “I wouldn’t hurt anyone.


There are no Hillary Clinton signs on her lawn or in her windows, although she said she is active on social media against Donald Trump. She said a Trump presidency would harm the LGBTQ community.

Elle said she would like to ask the person or people who committed the crime why they did it.

She said that her toddler is still frightened.

The victim said police told her Monday morning that they are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Simply deplorable.

The attack on Elle’s truck comes amid fears that if Trump loses today’s election, there might be further violence from his supporters.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh, a Republican from Illinois, tweeted last week: “On November 9th, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket. You in?”

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