Bigot Bus haz the Fails

I introduced you to the Hate Bus about three weeks ago.

Apparently the Hate Bus Tour was one big Fail.

When the so-called “Free Speech Bus” attempted to kick off its tour in New York on March 23rd, people promptly keyed the bus, scrawled “Trans Liberation,” and smashed the windshield. Repairs took several days. When the bus was a no-show in New Haven last Sunday, resisters held a dance party downtown and erected a fifty-foot banner with Lourdes Ashley Hunter’s quote “Every breath a trans person takes is an act of revolution.” Once repaired, the bus finally arrived, way behind schedule, in Boston, where it met resistance on March 30th. Protesters blocked the bus and tagged its side. Even the mayor raised the transgender flag at City Hall.

And of course, they don't hate us, but rather jut want us "erased."

Lucy Diavolo, a spokesperson for the hate bus, went on WBZ News Radio in Boston and declared that the LGBTQ community should be “erased” from society, suggesting that this form of “direct action” is already happening as trans people face routine violence and discrimination.

Now that things like bathrooms are becoming a states’ rights issue thanks to the current administration, we think there’s a real opportunity to influence state legislatures to adopt the policies that are going to help keep transgender people out of our society… I think it’s pretty clear that we want to try and erase trans people as best we can from our culture.


Sound Clip

NOM claims that "Lucy Diavolo" was actually a trans activist.





In New Haven, people even rented a U-Haul, fitted it with pro-trans signs, and pushed the bus out of the city and stopped it’s rally from ever happening. In Philadelphia, a mass militant confrontation took place, forcing the bus once again to quickly depart. In Boston, protesters surrounded the bus, and in other cities it appears that the stops the bus planned to make – never happened.




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