Varner fired

Again, not really my cuppa, but it's dominating the transgender community news

It turns out that being tossed off the island on Survivor wasn't enough.

Jeff Varner returned home to Greensboro, NC after his public outing of transgender man Zeke Smith during Survivor Tribal Council which was aired this past week. But his life has not returned to normal.

The 50-year-old Varner has been fired from his job at Allen Tate Realtors as a real estate agent, which apparently told him the reason was he "was in the middle of a news story we don't want anything to do with."

In an interview with People magazine, Smith has had this to say about Varner:

But I think forgiveness is about hope — hope that he understands why what he did was wrong, hope that he doesn’t ever do something like this again and hope that whatever compelled him to give into his worst instincts in a dark moment is resolved for him.

I do wish him the best, I just think I wish him the best from afar.

--Zeke Smith

It appears Varner is already setting himself up with his own Realty business.



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