Bustin' a myth

Adam Savage tweeted support for Kelly Oxford's new book, When You Find Out the World is Against You. Somehow this "conversation" morphed into a discussion about gender.

Savage added this:

Also, listen up: gender is a spectrum. The closer you look at ANYTHING the blurrier the lines get. INCLUDING GENDER. LIFE is complicated.

Responses from people outside the gender binary began flowing in, thanking Savage for seeing them for who they are.

There's a sweetness in the replies — but also a frustrating sadness — as many of the people replying are so frequently denied the basic recognition and validation that most of us take for granted.

--Parker Molloy

Gwendolyn Ann Smith‏

Replying to @donttrythis

As a trans woman who was once a Mythbusters extra (tho with the other team), it warms my heart to read this from you. Thank you.

In an email to Molloy, Smith expanded:

Being trans means often having to navigate 'myths' about gender, and it is usually a burden that trans people alone are tasked with explaining. So it meant a lot to me to see Savage use his privilege and position to speak out on behalf of folks like me, and for scientific reality.

Savage was accused of "pushing pseudo science" by the "there is no such thing as transgender" crowd.

"It's biology not bigotry" is the tagline for the National Organization for Marriage's latest push against recognizing trans people for who they are. And it sounds simple, right? XX chromosomes equal female, XY chromosomes equal male. Easy-peasy.

He responded with a lengthier reply:

Hey!! I love all of you and here's a note that elucidates my thoughts on some of the complex debates happening on my twitter feed.





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Molloy also links to a scientific article supporting Savage.




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