An introduction

Honestly, I had never heard of Kat Blaque until I read about her in the Advocate

Kat Blaque is not just any other girl. She is amazingly talented, wonderfully witty, and fiercely intelligent. Blaque has a gift for words, but not in the usual way. She is subtle and charming. She is soft yet strong.

She’ll educate and inform you without you even realizing it. On her YouTube channel, in fun segments like “True Tea,” where she answers viewers’ questions, Blaque casually communicates complex ideas in a way almost anyone can understand. She gives great advice. “Oftentimes, what we’re actually good at is not necessarily what we’d like to be good at,” she says.

So I had to check out her videos. It turns out that we share quite a bit in our viewpoints, even is we don't share so much in our backstories.

Have a look:








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