Random attacks? Really?

On the Fourth of July someone walking by the Morris Home (an alcohol and drug treatment center for transgender people in Southwest Philadelphia), hurled an M80 at a pair of residents sitting on the porch.

On the Fourth of July an employee of the nonprofit in Southwest Philadelphia was the target of fireworks hurled from a passing vehicle while waiting for a trolley.

A transgender couple out for a walk near the Morris Home on Thursday afternoon were shot by paint guns from a dark grey Infiniti M35 sedan with silver trim.

The same car is believed to have then driven by the Morris Home and fired the paint guns at a group of residents sitting on the porch, hitting three people. Fireworks were also thrown at the group at that time.

Since one other drive-by paint gun attack did not involve any trans people, Police say they now suspect the attacks are random rather than targeting transgender people.

Police describe the suspects as four black males.

We think the paintball attacks look like idiots driving around thinking it's funny.

--Police Lt. John Walker

The attackers were heard to laugh as they drove away.

Detectives in the department’s southwest division stated they were not convinced the actors were targeting trans people.

RHD is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of the people we are privileged to support and employ.

--Resources for Human Development, which runs the Morris Home

The treatment facility is named after Nizah Morris, a transgender woman who was killed in Philadelphia in 2002.

They should have the right to sit on the porch and right to walk around this neighborhood without feeling harassed or threatened.


The suspects face charges of aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment.




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