Church of England affirms transgender people

I am totally not a religious person. But I find comfort in the thought that when religious sects support transgender people it opens the Constitutional right of freedom of (or from) religion for use by our side. I'm so tired of seeing that used only to claim a dubious freedom to discriminate.

The Church of England has "turned a corner" after its ruling body voted overwhelming in favour of welcoming transgender people, the vicar who brought the motion said.

I hope that we can make a powerful statement to say that we believe that trans people are cherished and loved by God, who created them, and is present through all the twists and turns of their lives.

I'm euphoric and exhausted.

I think it was a good debate with some excellent contributions. I did think there were some comments which reflect some the extreme views which we would wish to counter.

--Rev. Chris Newlands

An amendment to Newlands' motion was put forth for the Church to determine the theological arguments before any liturgy was adopted.

Lay member Tim Hind, who spoke in support of transgender people, said the amendment was a "long-grass motion amendment" which would make the church look "foolish".

All three houses of the Synod rejected the amendment proposed by Dr Nick Land of the Diocese of York.

Rev Dr Christina Beardsley, a former hospital chaplain and campaigner for trans rights in the Church, hailed the decision as "wonderful".

The motion called on the House of Bishops "to consider providing some nationally commended liturgical materials which may be used in parish churches and chaplaincies to provide a pastoral response to the need of transgender people to be affirmed following their long, distressing, and often complex process of transition".

The bishops voted 30-2 in favor of Newland's motion, while clergy voted 127-28 in favor, and lay members voted 127-48 in favor.

Earlier in the day the bishops overwhelming supported a motion calling for a ban on conversion therapy for gay Christians.




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