Transgender History

There is a new video on our history making the rounds

Trans people have always existed, and our lives have always mattered. And though we have and continue to face rampant discrimination, so too have we built beautiful communities and movements of resistance and love.

Laverne Cox (Doubt, Orange is the New Black) narrates the following video, written by Chris Strangio (ACLU) and Zackary Drucker (Transparent). Molly Crabapple is the artist. Music is by Kim Boekbinder. The video is directed by Jim Batt










This video comes on the heels of the President’s tweets seeking to ban transgender individuals from military service and in the midst of continued legislative efforts in states like Texas to ban transgender individuals from public restrooms. The consequences of this discrimination from our government are deadly.

Without accurate information about trans people, our lives and our rich histories, the impulse to push us out of public life will continue. But we continue to tell our vivid, vibrant and critical story of trans resistance. Time marches forward, and so do we.

--Chris Strangio

Here's another look at out history, by King Colby:









Of course, all these video are quite limited because of the format.















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