Wasting $960 million to save $8.4 million

Aaron Belkin and the Palm Center have released a new report which estimates the cost of discharging and replacing currently serving transgender troops at $960 million.

One of the reasons Trump gave for his proposed ban on transgender service was the medical cost of treating those troops, which was estimated by the RAND Corporation to be at most $8.4 million.

The report was co-authored by the Palm Center and current and retired professors at the Naval Postgraduate School The other three co-authors are current and retired professors at the Naval Postgraduate School: (Frank J. Barrett, Mark J. Eitelberg and Marc J. Ventresca).

President Trump said that he wants to fire honorably serving transgender troops in order to save money, but that begs the question, 'How much money would it cost to implement the President's vision?'

It would be much more expensive to fire transgender troops than to let them keep serving. The President wants to spend $1 dollar to save a dime, and that really doesn't make much business sense.


Truth is, bigots like Trump don't want to spend 1 cent (red or otherwise) on any medical treatment of any transgender person, anytime, anywhere.

The estimated cost was based on a previous estimate of 12,800 transgender service members and the AMSARA ( Accession Medical Standards Analysis and Research Activity) estimate of "the average per-person cost of recruiting and training a replacement for each service member who would be discharged," which is $75,000.




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