Too many

Last Saturday in Waxahachie, TX, Gwynevere River Song reportedly got into an argument with another adult in her home, which led to that other person shooting Song to death. We have no idea what the argument concerned, but we do know that Song was a transgender woman. The assailant was also injured during the shooting and he was transported to a hospital.

[The deceased] remained inside the residence and succumbed to injuries.

That's a curious statement to me. I mean, does it mean she was still alive when the shooter was transported, but was left there by the ambulance people and police officers to die?

Song, 26, was a 2015 graduate of the University of Texas and identified as non-binary, femandrogyne, and bisexual. They studied radiation physics in Austin.

Song also had a strong conviction to fight against injustice and intolerance.

My father wasn’t a good person, and put us through a lot of shit. A white supremacist phase was one of them. Took a long while to get over what my toddler brain was fed.


Friends have suggested donations in Song’s name to Trans Lifeline

Song was the 17th transgender person murdered so far this year.




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