This could happen to you

A Cleveland woman was nearly attacked because she refused to expose herself to prove she was not transgender.

The woman was talking with friends at a bar when a young lady walked up to her.

No, I am not sure. They say you are a man.

--the young lady

The stranger asked the woman to reveal her genitals.

She was just adamant, adamant about it. 'You’re a man, show me your vagina.'

--the woman

The young lady was thrown out of the establishment. But when the woman herself left, her vehicle was blocked by two others.

Once again, she says she was confronted by the lady from the lounge and an armed man she brought with her.

I talked to her and said ‘look babe I was just upstairs rubbing your leg, I thought we were cool. I don’t understand what this is about.’

--The woman

The young lady again demanded to see the woman's vagina.

In my mind is, I have a 15-year-old son and my 7-year-old baby. And are you all really on this because you want to humiliate me?

The woman decided she needed to escape the situation.

And I closed the door and ran across the street and hit the chirp to lock it.

The woman

You wanted to take my life or hurt me because you wanted to see my vagina. You wanted to make sure I was a woman because I was in a bar you were in?

--The woman

The Cleveland LGBT center has also spoken out on this woman’s behalf. Ryan Clopton-Zymler says in recent years, hate crimes targeting transgender people have been on the rise.

The fact that the person isn’t necessarily trans doesn’t negate the fact that this person still demanded to see another person’s body.

This comes down to sexual assault. This was someone being publicly discriminated against, publicly attacked based on the assumption of their gender identity.


Cleveland police are investigating this as a case of kidnapping and criminal damage.




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