The pope is wrong once again

In an address to the Pontifical Academy for Life general assembly on Thursday Pope Francis

decried “the utopia of ‘neutral,’” ostensibly referring to the concept of gender neutrality. He argued that gender is fixed as male or female for the purpose of reproduction. The pontiff also warned against the “manipulation” of gender, which he said could “dismantle” that balance.

The biologic and psychological manipulation of sexual difference, which biomedical technology allows one to see as open to free choice ― which it’s not ― is thus likely to dismantle the source of energy that nourishes the alliance of man and woman and makes it creative and fruitful


Speak with a variety of transgender people from all walks of life, and you’ll find a variety of opinions, ideas, and values. I’ve noticed we disagree widely except when it comes to two points. First, we want to be treated as human beings. And second, we want our genders affirmed.

We don’t want being trans to stand in the way of jobs, housing, access to everyday goods and services or personal safety. And we want what every cisgender person, including Pope Francis, takes for granted: That our gender not be subject to question or suspicion. Francis can look down every day and see a body that matches who he knows himself to be. We require nothing less. It is not through any choice of ours that medical intervention may be needed to bring that about, just as it is not out of choice that he needs no such intervention.

--Suzi Chase

The false claim that we want to eliminate gender from society is not a harmless misunderstanding. It drives the fear that feeds the anti-trans bathroom laws springing up around our country like poison ivy. It fuels the popularity of the current administration’s push to strip transgender schoolchildren of legal protections. Trans people have used public restrooms for generations. No one minded until power-hungry politicians began spreading fear that this is all leading to a total elimination of gendered restrooms and changing spaces. Not much can be done about their willingness to oppress trans people for personal gain. But maybe someone as deeply scrupulous as the pope can be convinced to stop paving the way with fear-mongering untruths.


While it is true that there are some people who identify as non-binary and therefore refuse to identify as either man or woman, neither they nor the more typical transgender people one may encounter deny that gender is a thing. In fact, most of us identify gender as the most important thing in our lives.

The pope continued:

Practises like this, he said, “risk dismantling the source of energy that fuels the alliance between men and women and renders them fertile.

So now we are to blame for cisgender people being less fertile?

This is going to help us trans people live full and productive lives?

Looks more like it is calculated to fuel the hatred.




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