Not sciencey enough to even be labeled pseudoscience

Presumably Lord Norman Tebbit , former Chairman of the British Conservative Party Had a functioning brain. The Good Lord has now written in public that he believes pollution is making people transgender.

In a comment piece in The Telegraph, the 86-year-old Peer, who it is worth noting has a pretty detailed record of speaking out against LGBT+ rights, claims that the rise in people identifying as transgender is possibly down to the increase in pollution, and that science backs him up. I fear this might be overkill, but science really doesn’t.

During the week after the Prime Minister announced to the country that "being transgender is not an illness," the 86-year-old Tebbit claimed transgender people were a new phenomenon, writing:

I cannot recollect any such individuals among my fellow pupils at school, nor in my intake for National Service in 1949, nor so far as I know among my children’s generation at school.

I think it is time we had some research into the extent of the phenomenon both in time and geographical reach.

I do not know if the populations of third world or of urban or of rural societies are more or less affected.

Nor is it known if it is only our species or others living alongside us which have been affected, but that knowledge might point to a trigger such as pollution, which is the belief of some scientists.

I suspect that even to voice such thoughts may bring down coals of fire upon my head, but surely it is knowledge that is more likely than politically correct superstition to lead towards rational policies.


His commentary was written after Prime Minister May's speech, in which she said, "Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia have still not been defeated, and they must be. Bullying in schools and on social media is still a daily reality for young LGBT people, and that has to stop. Trans people still face indignities and prejudice – when they deserve understanding and respect. And when we look around the world, we see countries where the human rights of LGBT people are denied and terrible suffering is the result. We have set out plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act, streamlining and de-medicalising the process for changing gender, because being trans is not an illness – and it shouldn’t be treated as such."

Once upon a time, Tebbit that the former PM had “f**ked things up” by introducing same-sex marriage, as it would lead to incestuous or polygamous marriage.

We’ve got to make these same-sex marriages available to all. It would lift my worries about inheritance tax because maybe I’d be allowed to marry my son. Why not?

Why shouldn’t a mother marry her daughter? Why shouldn’t two elderly sisters living together marry each other? I quite fancy my brother!


I don't really know where to start, but I'll state I personally am willing to take the hit if this means that conservatives will work on eliminating air pollution...snd maybe climate change, while they are at it. Because there is science that shows lizards and alligators sex is linked to the temperature at which their eggs are incubated.

And then there is this:






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